Thanks to everyone at Google’s LA Satellite Offices for letting me be part of the launch effort! You can read more about Google- here: bit.ly You can also add me to one of your circles of Google+…IF YOU WERE LUCKY ENOUGH TO GET AN INVITE. If you’ve read this far, you’ve probably realized that I am totally kidding. I think social networking sites are ridiculous, and I never know what to do when I get there, except deny friend requests from random creepers, get quietly pissed off at my friends for adding me to events that send out constant reminders, and puzzle over wall posts that are supposedly from people I know, although I swear to God, I have no idea who these people are. I hope you enjoyed this little spoof. You can follow me on twitter here: www.twitter.com Or check out my DistrictLines store here: www.districtlines.com Or “like” my fan page on Facebook: www.facebook.com My books: www.knightleyacademy.com Also also also! I got a Canon 60D! Finally. Video quality WAY better than the Vixia. Tags: google+, google, google-, google plus, social networking, marketing, preview, robynisrarelyfunny, robyn schneider, parody, spoof, facebook, facebook skype

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  1. Laquagliaful says:

    Robyn will you marry me?

  2. Kalibazev says:


  3. musicmixingguru says:

    i want the auto happy birthday options

  4. botekabute says:

    Auntie social? you can’t even read. You’re better-off doing xxx movies 🙂 you don’t need to read scripts.

  5. shadowjazzy says:

    This sounds pretty awesome. I would sign up — I mean, Google should automatically sign me up for Google-. I’m all for the anti-social network when it’s about parsing down who want to listen to instead of doing the work yourself.

  6. jsloner248 says:

    @robynisrarelyfunny Who wants free Google Plus?
    send me your email with PM(personal messages) on YouTube
    thumb up so everyone can see

  7. jsloner248 says:

    Who wants free Google Plus?
    send me your email with PM(personal messages) on YouTube
    thumb up so everyone can see

  8. AwesomeluzerGirl says:

    i’m actually insanely disappointed that this wasn’t real…. 🙁 haha

  9. unforg1v3n says:

    @fizzylimon haha one of the best comments ever on youtube!

  10. leapoffaith20 says:

    This was not posted on the first of April. How strange.

  11. SrTb0y05 says:

    it’s funny but… did u notice her eyes kept going to the bottom left? she was just reading off a card

  12. capnmikey81 says:

    Hilarious XD

  13. jasonpspano says:

    Loved it! Hahaha!

  14. stepherdavis says:

    Google- I’m so excited for this to come out! 😉

  15. vlachaquito says:

    so not funny…. really… get a job or something..

  16. theqwertyqwerty12345 says:

    Did she talk of thumbs down option?! Ahh.. YouTube has it! Let me use it.. 😛

  17. gariouscom says:

    Google minus?!!! Is this for real?! If so, when will “GoogleX” (Multiply) and Google/ (Divide) be launch?…LOL.

  18. TEKK99 says:

    You can costomize your birthday posts with an “!” or “ALL CAPS”……. LMAO

  19. darxx69 says:

    Fake and gay….

  20. AdrienneFrailey says:

    lol I don’t know why……… I hope it’s because I’m sleepy beyond reason….. but I didn’t get that this was fake until I watched it twice. XD

  21. adamx20 says:

    Damn .. nothing funny to say with f(Goo) = gle.

  22. MrRombooth says:

    thanks for making me simle with your ideas!

  23. TheCosmicCowPie says:

    Love the auto birthday post and the anti social tude! Subtract friends from the Universal list! So good to have auto check in for the street alert! Google- is the future! You are too funny.. can’t wait to see more!

  24. Adelwyn says:

    I’d like to minus this girl from the internet. She’s absolutely correct about her not being funny.

  25. tommyalmondofficial says:

    The thought of Google- makes my brain hurt.

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