Go. Ahead. The WCG Way.

Go. Ahead. Peer into life at the laboratory.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. somaman2008 says:

    love this song! soooo sick!!!

  2. mattdongwcg says:

    @hellabytes Music is Translator by Collider a local band here in SF. We’re really stoked to have it. Real music. Real emotion.

  3. tarina1494 says:

    Very well produced. Great selection of images, music and timing.

  4. singleboundmike says:

    I miss you guys like crazy after watching this video – keep on rocking it – much love from Mike Schultz

  5. hellabytes says:

    Nice video, who’s the music by?

  6. fostermonsters says:

    I moved across the ocean to join WCG and have never looked back. And you will understand why when you see this video, which captures the essence of what we are all about.

  7. aglvy1 says:

    Killer video and it really does reflect what WCG is all about (I work at WCG).

  8. mattsnod says:

    Amazing job on this. Just amazing.

  9. chimoose says:

    I admit I’m biased (I work at WCG) but this vid is incredible … totally captures who we are and what we do.

  10. adampedowitz says:

    Really captures some of the “undefinable” of WCG … What’s disruptive and changing the game.

  11. busternoe says:

    Ok, so I had no idea WCG had those kind of creative chops. Nice vid.

  12. naimul says:

    This gives me the shivers.

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