Gmail Advertising – Ryan Deiss -Gmail Adsecrets

Gmail Advertising – Ryan Deiss -Gmail Adsecrets

Article by Sharon Ferguson

Before you drop dollars on the next ‘ad fad’ and fork out monthly fees you may want to read this.

Let us give you the reader’s digest version of “Gmail Adsecrets” and spare you the monthly fees.

Send sample emails to yourself (or another Gmail account) and then see what Gmail ads appear. Then simply place these ads (or ads that come very close) on Adwords. The idea is that you will pay less because of the exact text you have for the ads.

Yes. You can waste a small fortune ‘playing around with a new Adwords technique’ or you can use a service that guarantees results!

This approach to making money online is so unique that ONLY we can make this guarantee.

Remember, the vast majority of new people coming online are doing so to learn how to make additional income.

One of the most dependable and well known sites for accomplishing this goal is FingerBiz.Com

What is making our members, from around the world, the happiest?

Earning hundreds of dollars a day!

PLEASE READ THIS:This is the important breakthrough. We have been trying to express this simple fact on our blog, in emails, and on the social sites. This is what separates us from everything else out in the ‘make money online’ marketplace.

1) The ‘gurus’ charge hundreds, to thousands, of dollars for you to purchase their products. Most of these products are digital. These products will show you how to follow a path to make money. Note: you must go through the system, follow their instructions, and come ‘to the end’ of their system in order to make any money.

2) Most buyers NEVER finish getting through the content that is contained in the systems that they purchased from these marketing gurus. After all, some of this content might take weeks or months to digest. Then you still have to put it into practice in order to earn the money. If you are lucky.

3) IMPORTANT: the gurus make their money from the download of the digital products. Even if you never make a penny following the instructions contained in their system.


4) FingerBiz.Com is a PROVEN online money making system. Our members verify this each week on our blog!


We let you get paid the same way that the gurus do…from the digital product download! (This is a huge time saver and money maker for you).

In other words, even if the member that is referred through our Automated Cash System (with your code number) NEVER even opens the BizPak and go through its content you get paid. More importantly, YOU never have to digest all of the materials in the BizPak (an 0.00 dollar value) in order to receive this money.

5) Remember, you get paid the same night if their purchase is made by 6pm (EST). And the following night if their order came in after 6pm.


Our new Guaranteed Member’s Match program is still going strong. This means that when any un-referred member (we call them ‘orphans’) makes a BizPak purchase they will be matched, and PAID, within 24 hours!

The Automated Cash System does the “selling” for you. Plus, with our Automatic Cash System you don’t have to:

– deal with hotel meetings- do conference or 3-way calls- do any personal selling…ever- stock products- spend time away from your family- fall asleep on boring webinars

FINAL POINT:You can spend hours and hours looking at videos or listening to mp3s that show you how you might make money with the other programs. But while you are listening, watching, or reading their material you are not making any money at all! Not a single penny!

When you purchase the BizPak from FingerBiz.Com we guarantee your Member’s Match and COMMISSION PAYMENT within 24 hours!

We can not say how long this Member’s Match guarantee will last but you still have the chance to take advantage of it by going to:


Our Blog:http://www.fingerbizblog.com

About the Author

Sharon Ferguson is a publisher and partner at FingerBiz.Com. This company is stirring things up online by breaking the traditional money making mold. FingerBiz.Com does not charge monthly fees, make members endure boring teleconferences or webinars, and actually pays its members nightly. http://www.fingerbiz.com/commissions.htm

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