Getting Ranked on Google and Real results it can give you!

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  1. joegonjaman says:

    Such a waste of time. Even if you get on the first page, you will have almost a 1% conversion rate. So out of 100 people, getting one buyer would be luck. I dont know what you take me as, stop wasting peoples time and money.

  2. kbliss579 says:

    Excellent video Kevin!

  3. MLMGlobalization says:

    Great Stuff Kevin!

    Blaine Carlisle

  4. TheMarketingLioness says:

    Kevin, that is awesome. I knew MLSP was great, but now I’m inspired to use a whole other layer of it to generate even MORE leads! Cool! Thanks!

  5. Terell4Health says:

    Kevin, awesome video bro!

    Terell Kissendal

  6. stroutspace says:

    Perfect. You are nailing it. It gets to the nitty gritty without laboring the points. You are a great marketer.

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