Getting In Trouble While “Soaring” at Disneyland (VideoBlog18)

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  1. davep75 says:

    you are ruining the ride for everyone else you dumbass. Not even your friends think your attempts at humor are funny. Someone should’ve punched you in the mouth for acting like such an asshole on the ride

  2. MidnightMoonBeauty says:

    Were u guys really as loud as it sounded on the video? xD

  3. Emily Oyston says:

    what were you on?

  4. TwiGaga13 says:

    *sigh* I could almost smell the oranges:)

  5. Mikaela Mendoza says:

    lol no. that’s san diego. they have one of the biggest naval bases, if not the biggest naval base.

  6. WhiteLioness100 says:

    Yes, it does 🙂 It smells amazing, also when you see everyone canoing and kayaking, it smells like pine and evergreen 🙂

  7. megancarlykerr says:

    I love how out of everyone who vlogged that ride stopped recording, except for Sawyer. HAHA thanks by the way I really wanted to finish the ride:)

  8. erika lynn says:

    yes it does!

  9. bretdee says:

    no, that is san diego, ca.. pearl harbor is in hawaii.

  10. cheer56781 says:

    soaring over california

  11. silwadyagurl says:

    i love this ride!

  12. CastilloEricax3 says:

    3:22? Is that hawaaii, pearl harbor mermorial?

  13. LSC008 says:

    what ride is this?

  14. Enchantelover247 says:

    Notice that everyone you past on the ride were blantingly ignoring you whilst your having the time of your LIFE!- How rude haha! Thanks Sawyer 🙂

  15. xxMohixx says:

    I wanna go to Disneyland now

  16. Bieberlover555xxx says:

    Haha does it really smell like orangez when u pass over the orange fields??

  17. TheChellro19 says:

    Thats my favorite ride ever 🙂

  18. KcgDawg says:

    i LOVE that ride!!!

  19. littlemissmaryxx says:

    hahaahahahhahaha at everyone shouting luke was so funny hahaha!

  20. piiinkbreeze says:

    I love Soarin!

  21. Cookie Rubi says:

    SO COOL!!!!

  22. Caroline B says:

    You guys must be really annoying to the other people on the ride haha

  23. 21smilelots21 says:

    @hairnmakeuplvr it’s in california adventure. There’s like seats that lift you up and you watch this film while scents fly though the air to add to the experience and the seats move. It’s called soarin over california

  24. hairnmakeuplvr says:

    lol i just realized this was fake. #facepalm #fail

  25. hairnmakeuplvr says:

    wait, what kind of ride is this?

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