Gettin Laid At The DAWSON House !

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  1. dianamartinez2001 says:


  2. dianamartinez2001 says:

    What if he just drived away like..BYE BRITCHES!!!

  3. nya22much says:

    that car was nice …..

  4. nya22much says:

    they broke up long ago

  5. Blackenergie63 says:

    NOOO ! why ???? is there a vlog he made where he explains the reasons ? or her ? please…

  6. LoveAndBeauty211 says:

    U got laid at a friends party lol.

  7. 831Karli831 says:

    @jujubean9080 he can’t do more vlogs with Blair cuz they broke up

  8. jujubean9080 says:

    More blogs with Blair!

  9. lollipop78789 says:

    @MsSayrahSmiles *you’re

  10. curlyhan21 says:

    its a Pomeranian 

  11. jhofmans says:

    What kind of dog do u have ???????????

  12. MsSayrahSmiles says:

    Your so gorgeous

  13. suzeysuzette says:

    You look super hot with a beanie! (:

  14. 10cottoncandy says:

    no read their twitters

  15. maryo726 says:

    you look so hot with a beanie on! you rock that look

  16. XOXOmusicislife says:

    R u and blair still together? Xx

  17. Sheyla Castelan says:


  18. Sheyla Castelan says:

    Shame doesn’t drink??

  19. Jade Green says:

    Hitch Is Sosososo Cutee. Lol, Aweeee.

  20. PnkBarbie007 says:

    I love you both(: sawyer and mr.hitch(:

  21. Hannah Gander says:

    He gets high on life…?

  22. Lillian12Ham says:

    I keep seeing your tweets with helena maria, and you two would make a super cute couple! I hope things work out!(:

  23. thespud12 says:


  24. georginaclairebaker says:

    what is the video where he talks about it called?

  25. Sawyerhartman2 says:

    ahhhhhhhh u shoulda came said hi !!!!

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