Get the Down and Dirty on MLM leads that will Explode Your Downline

Get the Down and Dirty on MLM leads that will Explode Your Downline

Article by Tyler Pratt

Multilevel marketing or mlm is a way for a company to gets its products out into the market place. Individuals become distributors for the company and are rewarded with sales commissions. The best part about mlm is, you can leverage other people into a downline and get residual income from there efforts.

The problem with mlm is most people don’t know how to build a downline. Downlines must be built to create sales volume. Sales volume must be produced for you to get paid each month.

Network marketing is about talking to people, introducing them to the company and opportunity. The more people you introduce to your opportunity, the bigger your downline will grow.

When anyone gets started the first training advice is to make a list of your family and friends. Then you have to call your list and try to convince them about making money in your mlm company. This can be difficult, and eventually you will run out of friends and family.

What do you do when you run out of family and friends? You find mlm leads. MLM leads are nothing more than other people, you do not know, that are interested in your opportunity. But finding these people can be a challenge unless you know where to get them.

Lets look at 3 types of MLM leads and then you can figure out what is best for you.

1. Telephone MLM Leads.

These leads are generated by a company collecting information from various sources. You can purchase a list like this over the Internet. Calling strangers is considered cold calling, and is not the most ideal way to build your downline. But this may work for you. My experience with cold calling was not that good. I spent 30 days calling 50 numbers a day. Out of the 30 days I got two people to take a look at my opportunity.

This cold calling can also be hard on the mind because people usually don’t want to be disturbed at home. Also these leads could be sold more than once. You may be the 20th person calling that same lead. When you call, and your number 20 on the list, the people on the other end are not usually that friendly. If your going to buy these types of leads make sure to ask how many other people will this list be sold to. You may have to pay more for the lead to get it exclusive.

2. Mailing Address MLM Leads

These types of leads are way better than calling because you can send out information and build up a relationship. Sending out a postcard or training material will help build some trust with the people on the list. This will get your foot in the door and help weed out the ones who are not interested.When you are ready to purchase a list of addresses, narrow down the search for people who might be local, and interested in network marketing. These could be people who signed up for magazines, or may have been in other network marketing companies before. Just make sure your list is small and very targeted. The more targeted you can get, the better your response will be.

3. Real Time MLM Leads.

This is my favorite and only way I generate leads. Its by far the best way to get to the right people you want in your downline. The leads you generate are people that you contact, and only you. You generated that lead, and its yours to do what you want. No one else is calling or mailing this lead.

Real time leads can be generated by one simple website. Yes One Simple Website!! The site is called a lead capture page. Its one simple site that you offer something of value in exchange for a name, email, and phone.

Someone lands on your lead capture page and you offer them some type of training. This can be an ebook, videos, or blog post. Give your best stuff away to get there name, email, and phone. Then you send out more information on a daily basis through your email autoresponder.

Setting up your own lead capture pages can be difficult if your new to the Internet. How would you like it if I showed you a system that has all the lead capture pages set up for you? Over 1,000 hours of training also setup that you can plug in and learn all about using the Internet to grow your business. Click this link and I will give you this system. http://www.sponsoringblueprint.com/

About the Author

If you want Big success with your primary network marketing company it requires first branding yourself and lead generation. Learn to become and Alpha Networker and build your MLM downline faster both online and offline.

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