Get Siri Dictation For iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch 4 With ‘Siri0us’ – iOS Vlog 609

Eric Day has just released a new tweak that will put Siri dictation on your iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, or iPod Touch 4G. This doesn’t mean you can just install it and ask Siri about the weather, no this is just strictly dictation. So if you are driving or doing something where you can’t type, you can press the Siri button and dictate what you want it to type. It works really well, some of the things still need to be tweaked but you should get your Siri-fix. You can pick up this semi-Siri port from the iF0rce repo below for free, remember to refresh Cydia and search for ‘Siri0us’ iF0rce Repo: Somebody mentioned the developer took the repo down. No clue why, more info soon. The repo wasn’t connecting anyways. Sorry guys, I’ll try to find out what happened. Check out Jeff’s Channel: www.youtube.com Social Network: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Forums: www.iPhoneForums.net Facebook on.fb.me Twitter: www.Twitter.com Google+: bit.ly
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  1. MsSonjax says:

    yeah it’s great but s1ri port is also amazing thing

  2. HiFiUk2 says:

    iSteve is best!

  3. Stalkersish says:

    I also used iSteve, This is one way to untethered now ;|

  4. pakiterify says:

    I have just untethered jailbroken my iPod Touch running on 5.0 using iSteve jailbreak downloaded from official website:
    I using s1ri port from: s1ri,com and IMO it’s GREAT! thank you DEV!

  5. Jigar285 says:

    any idea how to get this working on the 3gs?????

  6. WeRSuPR says:

    Bills Nuggets xD

  7. vonk0126 says:

    xsellize has Siri0us on their source aswell… just downloaded now 😀

  8. kikbut101 says:

    how you get to work on iPhone 3G

  9. xdaveXD says:

    How do ya colored teh apps name?

  10. Lilg1412 says:

    tired it on 3gs an it wont work……any idea?

  11. mohamadwattad says:

    lol i was like what the f*** at the first 10 secs

  12. jongcute25 says:

    Mr. Nuggets :)) Make a video if the 5.0.1 is untethered (Jailbreak) if it is released. Thank You

  13. danielsmith7 says:

    I Have a iPhone 3gs IOS 5 and i downloaded Siri0us and it wont work? it wont show up on my keyboard or anything?

  14. curlyguy2 says:

    removed from cydia

  15. 23CarlosG says:

    i need help on how to jaibreak my new ipod touch white ios 5.0.1 so i can get cydia n siri or siri0us

  16. phaldarath says:

    What’s an URL of this package?

  17. chaolan77 says:

    Works great on my iphone4 (tad a little slow to respond) however after installing ‘voice actions’ app won’t work anymore. It keeps closing automatically. Any ideas how to use both? Vlingo works fine btw.
    Also it the mic icon doesn’t appear on my ipad1. I read here someone said it works on an iPad??

  18. MultiAhka says:

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  19. V33SB1 says:

    @ecartman12 only ios 5

  20. V33SB1 says:

    @TheFatdemon2 only ios 5

  21. ecartman12 says:

    Does this work on ios4?

  22. Cromatictube says:

    Says removed don’t ask why help!!

  23. ObscurityN says:

    @TheFatdemon2 ios 5.

  24. TheFatdemon2 says:

    work on 4.3.3?

  25. djnevous3us says:

    LMAO bills nuggets

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