Get In Gear With 7 Minute Workout

Get In Gear With 7 Minute Workout

Article by Dominick Zirilli

7 Minute Workout

The 7 minute workout is based on being laser focused with a designed plan for success in the gym. How many times do you see people “working out” but they are walking around, talking to their buddies or chatting on facebook? The long pauses in between sets, not tracking progress and thinking that extra sets will solve the “belly bulge” issues. Making up their routine as the time goes on, wondering why the results have stopped coming.

The main premise of the 7 minute workout is that you are going about your workout with a plan. There is no figure it out as you go option, you have a custom made regimen that is built around your workout history and your goals. The 7 minute workout is customizable for the muscle heads to the super models and everything in between. This is an online program that has a solid support group, forums, progress tracker, exercise video library and many other resources.7 Minute Workout Leaders

The 7 minute workout was founded and run by Joel Therien and Chris Reid. If you take a look at these guys you will understand that they are serious about fitness and bring a lot to the table. Joel Therien was actually a natural body building champion until his competition days were cut short because of an illness brought on by Aspartame poisoning which literally shrunk him down to a paltry 165 lbs. He still suffers from the condition that left lesions on his brain and might possibly give him M.S. related symptoms.

This good health crusade became an even more important goal for him. The fewer people that are relying on “diet” drinks to drop pounds the more people he can help prevent from getting this disease. An effective weight training plan that will naturally burn fat, be easy to follow and fit into anybody’s schedule is a formula for success. This is easier said than done because of the way people have been trained to think.7 Minute Workout Combines Health and Wealth

The concept here is simple, work out, get healthy, promote and get wealthy. This is over-simplified but it really is what this program is about. Health and Wellness has been a staple in the network marketing arena since the business model has been around. The main reason is because people always want to feel better and people always want more income. It also is one of the most competitive segments in the industry. There are many great shakes and supplements by direct selling nutrition companies but they tend to be expensive and you often have to defend your products ingredients to the other players in the market.

Nutrition is half of the equation; you must keep your muscles, bones and respiratory system in peak condition. If you are in the health and wellness business this will be a great accompaniment to achieving long term fitness success. If you team up a strong fitness routine with your nutrition program you can be twice as effective.

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I have gotten involved with 7 minute workout so I could push my fitness goals to the limit.

The added benefit is the time that I have additional time freedom and income. Check out the original 7 minute workout review

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