Get Higher EROI by listening to the teacher

Have you had a success lately?

For some, just getting up in the morning might be a success.

But hey, you have to start somewhere right?  Why not when you get up in the moring.

This is not always the easiest thing to do for some people and I want to share some more perspective.

You see, I am a teacher.  Everyday I see kids come through my door who are struggling just to get there…

They might have a crap home life.

They might have little food.

They might have no parental support.

They might struggle because there is no place at home to do their homework.

This is where I come in.

I provide an environment that should be considered safe for them to learn in.

I provide the means for them to achieve success, whether they were destined to or not.

As they say, life is what you make of it, Right?

Some choose the path towards success, while some have apparently decided,they are happy feeling sorry for themselves.

Now you are probably thinking…

What does this have to do with me?


Regardless of what type of student you related to growing up you made the wise decision to look into business ops online.

You see, I am a teacher!  I take those students and make them work their assess off in order to be successful.

Some get it quickly and go on to help others in class, while others need a little guidance until their light bulbs go on.

This is no different from life as an online marketers.

I provide guidance for those who are looking to reach success.

I provide guidance for those who are testing the waters.

I provide guidance for those who are deciding which path to follow.

The goal in both the school setting and online is to develop those skill sets that allow an individual to reach succcess.

Let me teach you, value my suggestions and you will have success as well…

Now remember, I am with my students in school for a full year.

Success takes time and it is going to be no different online.  You need to put in time and do your homework.

Just like cliffs notes and Spark Notes, there are many shortcuts out there.

You could spend hours trying to figure out which one is correct or you could take my word for it.

I promise to give you my all, when it comes to marketing tips and recruiting secrets just like I give my all to my students at schools.

When I know about sources better than I can provide, I feel obligated to share and that’s why I have been hitting heavy on my buddy Daegan Smith lately.

His maximum leverage Inner Circle is so full of content and mastery, that even focusing on one small aspect of it could make the difference in your life.

You could end up being like some of his former students.  Like those who have gone on to become well known, like Jonathan Budd and Michelle Alpha Pescosolido.  All you have to do it listen to the man.

It is funny how teachers work that way. You just listen and do what they say and nexth thing you know…


It is not rocket science.

Science is what I actually teach and one proud moment happened just the other day. One of the boys I was teaching in my college level environmental science class said he went to shadow his older sister at her college and basically was the star of the moment.

You see we had been learning about EROI.

Now you might be familiar with ROI, or Return On Investment.  Well the ‘E’ stands for Energy of course.  When the professor asked the class if they knew what it was, the room was silent.  He knew, because he listened to me.

He leaned in, told his sister and she raised her hand and got credit for the correct answer.

Don’t you want to be one who knows the answer when the question presents itself?

Be prepared and stick with me as well as Daegan Smith and you will find that you success will come.

To having the best EROI online you can,

Dave Gardner

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