George Jones & Eric Lee Beddingfield – The Gospel According to Jones (Best Quality) HD

This YOUTUBE video was created and produced by YaYa Media as a tribute to Eric Lee Beddingfield and band as they climb the ladder on Country Music Row. Good luck guys!!!! YaYa Media provides high performance Social Media Promotional pieces such as this video. Our creative digital imaging is about the personification of the entity whether it be an individual, band, group of people or an establishment. Social Media is our largest resource of networking for the purpose of promotion. YaYa Media can arm you with an arsenal of digital pieces that have punch and get noticed in the Social Media arena. Let’s talk about increase for your band, entity, individual or establishment today. Contact us at yayamedia1@gmail.com for further information or reach us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/yayamedia. Surf on over!

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  1. bnewsom81 says:

    Three Taylor Swift fans. LOL

  2. JohnDeereBoy06 says:

    “Saint Hank an Saint Lefty Brother Waylon” git me every time

  3. nowak1zs says:

    The music video with George in it adds a quasi-spiritual effect to this song. It’s so much better than this version.

  4. alliekast says:

    George jones IS one of the most amazing artists presented to music in general

  5. 0121morgann says:

    HELL YEAH!!!!!

  6. Davidevans1974 says:

    damn good songwriter and singer cant wait to get this c d also watch for me David Evans im on my way 


    Awesome song love it!

  8. BrowningJ45 says:

    The Gospel according to Jones, and the message from the Book of Johnny Cash should be mandatory in every church service.

  9. bulbheadmyass says:

    Great song, thanks for sharing it.

  10. 357904cbgb says:

    What an awesome way to pay respect to one of best of the business.Thanks to our friend ELB,& an invite

  11. farmgirl018 says:

    There will be no greater country artist then the possum, George Jones was one of the most amazing artists ever presented to country music. This song cannot be played enough.

  12. efkoren says:

    Great stuff, thank you George, you still make it work..
    The old guy

  13. elsunshine24 says:

    Great show at 12th and Porter, keep rocking Cuz~
    Erica Sunshine Lee

  14. REJENIA1976 says:

    love this song!

  15. ljelley1 says:

    Love it! Can’t wait for the video featuring George and ELB!

  16. brianrandle1973 says:

    Now by god I feel better knowing there’s a few more guys other than myself who still know what country is!! Great job brother!
    Long live country!

  17. jinnylynn08 says:

    love this song! love george jones!

  18. 3caldwell says:

    Who the hell dislikes this?

  19. alhwmn13 says:

    I really like this new song .. It gets ainmy book .number 1 on the charts………thanks for sharing….

  20. TheCINDYBATES says:

    Cindy Bates

  21. joycehurst says:

    This is absolutely wonderful,needs to be #1 on the Charts,it will touch many artists lives and George Jones Fans as well. IT is 5 stars too Me

  22. PricillaAnnsVideo says:

    If I had of known before I have 299 photo and film of all kind of him with horses, interviews , photos of Eric watching me edit the video at my home. I could have let you have a field with all the film I have of Eric and photos I have of Eric.
    Love yours, it is very good. Do you film?

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