7 Replies to “Genewize Launch Orlando Katie Freiling w Diamond Dave Brief”

  1. @ junkification: Hey “Diamond Dave,” if you wrote that profane comment below, you have to be kidding if you think it will gain you any credibility at all. Wash your mouth out with some soap after you swab your cheek, you pathetic, filthy moron. MLM attracts the bottom of the barrel, you have proven that.

  2. GeneWizeSecrets (comment left 7 months ago) Spam Marked as spam by Junkification

    I don’t mind the comment about my hair, I think that’s pretty funny. What’s even funnier is a total assfuck like you who has no videos or YouTube friends, just a lame-ass Hater trolling around pasting negative fucking comments.

    Please don’t watch my videos or anyone else in Genewize business. Also do not comment on my videos again or I will fuck your broke ass world up, BAD! Otherwise, have a great day!

  3. Hey Diamond Dave!,

    I’m in total agreement….I love offline…meeting new people AND finally meeting online friends in person!!.such fun!

    Thanks for sharing your insight from Orlando.
    And…..I’d like to know more about genewize.

    Blessings….In Peace,

  4. Diamnond Dave –

    A TRUE Diamond in the rough! You’re a true leader brother, and that’s why you’re blowing up all over the internet… people love to learn and follow you man.

    Rock on and we can do this thing online, offline, anytime…

    If you’re a newbie and want to learn REAL online marketing skills…

    JOIN WITH DIAMOND DAVE man… what are you thinking??? You NEED this type of support and wisdom… dude’s a WIZARD!


  5. great video dave, that really is true. As DK said, the next trend is meeting in person. And you just proved it. Keep it up. Love the video


  6. Hey Dave~

    Great job & make sure you keep the flow~ I am glad we’re friends & never lose sight of who you are~ Take care & keep in touch~

    Isabel Mare 13

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