Generating Traffic: Tips And Strategies For Traffic Exchangers To Use Now

Generating Traffic: Tips And Strategies For Traffic Exchangers To Use Now

Article by William Coulter

Traffic Exchangers are sites were people sign up to advertise their sites and in turn will look at other peoples. The more sites you view the more times your website will be viewed. They are a useful tool to use as part of your traffic generation methods. This article will describe the strategies and tips to apply to traffic exchangers.

Traffic exchangers are a tricky beast to master. Many people give up with no real results and put it down as a bad job. One question you should ask yourself is if they didn’t work, do you really think the website owners would keep them online? They can and do work for many people. The correct methods should be obeyed to be successful using them though. These methods and tips will be discussed below.

Remember why people go to these sites.

People go to these sites to earn traffic for their own sites, they are not looking for products to buy. Therefore place your website for rotation with this in mind. Your target audience for your websites on these systems should mainly be for generating traffic. If your going to buy a product you usually do a search on google or other search engine, not go looking through traffic exchange sites.

Use a limited number of traffic exchange sites

Try not to join too many sites at once and jump from site to site. This will dilute your efforts and lead to low conversion rates. You need to flood traffic exchange sites with your website and have it running around the clock. This is very hard to do over too many sites. Certainly have a look around different sites and test them out using their free services. Remember that keeping check on which sites are giving you the best conversions (people signing up to your service) is vital for success. Free tracking tools can be found online with a little searching to help track your advertisements progress.

Don’t spend countless hours surfing

A common mistake when using traffic exchangers is spending to long surfing sites. One of the main reasons people give up on them is that they spends hours upon hours searching for very little return. Even with a good website set up you can only expect around one sign up for approximately 200 page views. It takes a long time (not to mention boredom) surfing that many pages for the chance of a few sign ups. Therefore it is best to either sign up for the hosting sites offers or to buy credits. Choose one of the options; if you want to surf then sign up and you will earn more credits far faster to see proper results; Or alternatively buy them in a few seconds. That’s not to say you have to sign up to every offer thrown at you. When you join a traffic exchange site they will flood you with offers so hold of for a bit to see the best deal you can secure. Another good tip is not to fall for all the ‘quick action’ bonus offers you get directly after joining a site. Were the site claims you will never get this offer again because you usually do after a couple of days.

Use Splash or Squeeze pages for traffic exchangers

It is crucial to advertise a proper page on these sites. A splash or squeeze page is basically a fast loading direct to the point web page with a sign up option to your services. Do not advertise web sites to viewers were they have to search about for your products. As previously stated people on these systems are surfing as fast as they can for their own credits and traffic. Your pages must quickly explain your service or viewers will move on to the next page. Some sites offer free splash page hosting, which is a good place to start to learn the process. You can of course use paid services for these pages if you wish to look more professional.

Use an automated email service

When advertising on traffic exchangers do not directly try to sell your products. Use your splash page to let viewers sign up to your service then email them your offers or downloads after using an automated email service. A good starting point is to use a free service which can be found online after a search. You can of course use better paid automated email services but a free service is a good starting point to get to grips with the process. As previously stated viewers on traffic exchangers are not in buying mode so tickle their interest with your splash pages then follow up at a later date.

Finally remember the key points when using traffic exchangers is to get them set up and running then spend as little as time possible getting your pages view constantly. There are many other forms of generating traffic and they should all be utilised to ensure success.

About the Author

William Coulter is an Affiliate Marketer. Following redundancy from an Architects office during the recession he has had to earn a full time income online using various techniques. For more information please feel free to visit his blog at: http://www.practicalmoneymakingideas.com

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