Generating Traffic Through Video Marketing

Generating Traffic Through Video Marketing

Article by Robert Vonau

Of all of the many ways in which videos are used to help marketing, possibly the most powerful is how they can be employed as a tool for traffic generation. Although it might not seem so obvious at first glance, the truth is that video marketing is capable of generating targeted traffic by the truckload provided you know exactly how to do so.

By now, you’ve probably already used various video sharing sites such as MetaCafe, Veoh, and of course YouTube. Through sites such as these, people share videos with one another – and it has become quite a phenomenon. These videos are all public and thus they can be viewed by anyone and everyone. As a result of this, if you were to publish a video on one of these websites (which is fairly simple to do), you’ll find that it could be viewed by those who are interested in such things.

But the big question is – how does that help you to generate traffic?

In order to actually turn your videos into a method of traffic generation, you need to insert your backlink somewhere within it. Almost all video sharing websites have some way of doing so. Most allow you to insert a backlink in the video description, or within the video itself (as a text url but not a link). While both of these options are all well and good, recently YouTube has gone a step further and allowed ‘clickable’ links to appear within the video itself.

Needless to say, this improves the results that you’re able to obtain tremendously. Whatever the case may be, so long as you have your link somewhere and take care that your video channels people towards that link (by promoting it and providing a good reason why they should click it), you’ll find that you’re able to use videos to generate traffic.

All things said and done, the approach of using video marketing as a traffic generation tool is somewhat like article marketing – just with videos instead of articles, of course. At the same time, you’ll find that video marketing is far more effective simply because some videos have the tendency to go ‘viral’ and end up being spread far and wide.

Think of how people share videos with one another, and you should readily see that if you have a video that people feel is worth sharing – they’ll probably do so!

End of the day, that will mean more views for your video, and more traffic to your website.

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