Generating Sales Leads With Attraction Marketing

Generating Sales Leads With Attraction Marketing

Article by Willie Turpin

What is Attraction marketing? Attraction Marketing is the use of marketing techniques specifically designed to teach the customer what you are doing and how a service or product will benefit them well before they purchase it. Reverse Marketing is the same concept of Attraction Marketing. Reverse marketing is the concept of making the customer seek the firm rather than marketers seeking the customer. Reverse marketing works mainly on the basis of the Law of Attraction. Reverse marketing deals with strategies that would make the customer find the company offering the product(1).Although Attraction Marketing has been utilized for quite some time in the business world, it has only been practiced by the savviest of business men. It is not a tool that you can touch, or feel; rather it resides within the human psyche. Much of what comprises it are theoretical, abstract, and complex. Many of the concepts involved with Attraction Marketing are outside the realm of the scientific or that which has been proven. In order to really understand these concepts, we need to have a grasp of psychology.In the process of learning the ins and outs of generating sales leads with Attraction Marketing, I’ve realized that by confronting some of the more abstract and conceptual levels, an individual can not only learn how to attract leads better, but will also become a better businessman. I also believe that sometimes just having awareness can set in motion a chain of events that will lead to incredible change, development, and evolution. Attraction still isn’t a choice. Lots of business owners are still acting like it is which is precisely why they are still chasing after leads, and clients. They are still trying to convince people to join their business. The bottom line to Attraction Marketing is that people deep down don’t want to join your business, they want to join you(2). Human emotions are passed from one person to the next. If you come in contact with someone who is always down, chances are, you will soon find yourself feeling down as well. In contrast, if you come in contact with someone who is always seem to be in high spirits, you will soon find yourself on cloud nine and as a result, people will always have a desire to be around you or join you so they can catch some of whatever it is that you have to offer or are a part of. Improving your perceivable value, makes you a more interesting and sought after person, in effect having the same outcome of drawing others to you.How does one go about improving their perceivable value to become interesting and sought after? There are three ways to make this happen. You can increase your knowledge, have lots of experience, and become centered within yourself.Increasing your knowledge simply consists of learning as much as you possibly can. There are multitudes of ways this can be accomplished. Invest in as many educational programs as your budget will allow. Even if you invest in a program from two different sources on the same subject matter, this is acceptable because they will each have a different perspective. Having a mentor is an excellent idea. A good mentor can guide you since they’re on the same path as you, except further along. Blogs and forums are fantastic sources of real time knowledge since they are updated on an almost daily basis. Entering discussions in forums with other individuals who are in your field is priceless. You can post questions, as well as express your point of view. This all goes a long way when it comes to expanding your knowledge base. An added benefit is that you establish yourself as an industry expert which goes a long way in making yourself highly sought after.Having experience obviously comes with time. The loop hole with this is if you are part of a team with those who have more experience than you have, you are able to tap into that pool of experience whenever needed. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, a mentor accomplishes this quite well. Honestly speaking, no experience is valued more highly than experience garnered by you. So get out and get your hands dirty, as spoken by the lay person.Being centered in one’s self is simply having confidence in you. Even if you’re a new home business owner, believing that you can, and envisioning yourself doing is very powerful. This quality in and of itself can be such a powerfully attractive force; those around you will be drawn to you, but yet won’t be able to explain why or even resist. All they will know is that they have to be around you and nothing else matters. I have come to believe that the process of successfully generating leads with Attraction Marketing is the single most powerful underlying force in human psychology, behavior, and motivation(3).

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