Generate Traffic

Generate Traffic

Every business needs to generate traffic, because without this there can be no visitors, no sales and no profits. In short you cannot have an online business without traffic. This means that even before you start you will need a business plan to help you generate visitors for your website.

Firstly you will need to choose a concept: this will be something that you are interested and would love to build a business around. This can be your hobby, experiences or a skill or talent that you have.
Next find a niche market that relates to that topic. A niche market is one that is high in demand and low in supply.
Thirdly you will need to analyze your market and find an urgent need. This is a problem that they are desperately seeking an answer to.
Then you join affiliate programs that supply products and services to solve the problem. You can also develop a product or service to fill the need.
Then you gather your tools by building a website, getting an autoresponder service and setting up a free newsletter. Remember to fill your website with informative content that will interest your prospective buyers.
Once you have done this you are ready to generate traffic for your business. You can do this cheaply and cost effectively with website promotions. Find out through further market analysis who your targeted visitors are and where they go, (which websites and discussion area they go to.)
List all the website promotions that you can think of, these will include:

Article distribution:
Search engine submission:
Google Adwords:
Joint ventures:
Social marketing:

Try one promotion at a time and as soon as you see that it is working ad another method. Soon you will see that you have generated multiple streams of traffic for your website. Be sure that you are driving targeted traffic to your website. All the above promotions will generate warm ready to buy traffic. However social marketing will draw a broader market and you need to monitor this traffic carefully.


The best promotion to start with is search engine submission. To do this you will need to optimize your site and have keyword rich content for the search engine bots and your visitors. It can take a little time to be indexed so you will need to start on another promotion while you are waiting. Article distribution is a powerful form of marketing and can generate sales in as little as a couple of weeks. As you distribute more articles it will build traffic and sales. Fast promotions include Google Adwords and blogging. blogging is like article distribution, it will just keep on snowballing and generating traffic.

All of this may sound a little complicated, but you can make traffic generation much easier with a complete system, which you can get here . You will also get a complete manual and set of videos that explain how to utilize these valuable methods of traffic generation.

Michael John Arnold provides Internet Marketing tools for the novice to the expert.

His “secret” videos will guide you through the process to insure your online success.

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