Generate Traffic with Blog Comments

How to generate traffic for your blog by making comments on other blogs.
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  1. VIREN PUNJABI says:

    @ykxwbjj I’m hitting about $1800 a day at the moment. The trick is to find a hot niche ready to buy. This course explains it all >>> bit.ly/SQVLQB?=jxmuek

  2. Jetsetman1 says:

    Terry, these are great tips. I use blog commenting all the time. I find it better than writing articles and it’s fun too. Trick is to make use of good comments and don’t spam. Google actually wants people to comment in blogs. They point this out in their webmaster help.

  3. shakaama says:

    so it seems like putting do follow on your own blog is a good way to generate traffic to your own blog. just make sure askimet is installed for those comments not actually discussing anything in the blog.

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