gen16.com: Resident Evil Retribution – Umbrella Corporation mobile recruiting tour

gen16.com Resident Evil Retribution – Umbrella Corporation mobile recruiting tour
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  1. 111bigbozz says:

    wow in the minute 1:22 in the screen that girl is the one who makes the voice of ada wong on Resident Evil 6

  2. tweatle1 says:

    claire is with alice in retribution??

  3. tweatle1 says:

    so rad!!

  4. pablo esponda says:

    Mother Of God

  5. rodrigo sanchez says:

    umbrella en realida existe

  6. MegaRollerblade says:

    Umberlla Corporation is Monsanto in real life just think about it.

  7. GabizinhaGames says:

    Nossa, como eu queria estar nesse lugar!

  8. InternetLasers says:

    Wait up, this is Spain huh? I’m retarded as shit. Also not a third world country but heading there.

  9. InternetLasers says:

    Since when is Italy a third world country?

  10. ApocaIypse666 says:

    wow a real life umbrella lab i wished they build one here underground hive

  11. kendrix carampot says:

    i want to fuck you doc ..

  12. leohhg57 says:

    Hahaha buena publicidad

  13. calle toxico says:

    100000000000 me gusta

  14. John Lyons says:

    i so agree i mean who know if its real or fake she could be your only hope.:)

  15. stipo360 says:


  16. jordanalexandr says:

    I’m applying…

  17. Izamar1514 says:

    dond es eso???

  18. PlastKladd says:

    “Please, enter your e-mail address”
    “Good, now prepare to get spammed”

  19. LTalexxa says:

    hahaha!! Someone understands!!

  20. Caleb Tamura says:

    Lol I was freaking out cause this seemed so real….until 1:50

  21. XSTAPPX00 says:

    asi es que le lavan el cerebro a los idiotas que creen que esto solo es una pelicula y un show

  22. Futuremmabest says:

    Is this realllllll ?

  23. wowsolols says:


  24. MrMaleBee says:

    5:12 “I’m sorry … I’ve never seen it that way” Lab Lady says as she opens the door and the 1st person steps on the ground.

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