(Full Movie) Three Days of Light: A Consciousness Shifting Story

Help raise funds for my next big Educational Film – www.ParadigmShiftCentral.com Journey to Lucidity: The Waking Dream Who is Skull Babylon? www.ParadigmShiftCentral.com ParadigmShiftCentral.com http Visit the Emergence Earth Website for info about the next Three Days of Light event in 2013! Join the ongoing event page to connect and invite more friends to view the film – www.fb.com Film Synopsis: Join gonzo journalist Brendon (aka Skull Babylon) as he sets off on a journey to reunite with long lost new found friends and spirit family at the Three Days of Light consciousness festival and retreat. Through this story we see first hand accounts of the youth and non youth here on this planet today who are passionate about exploring spirituality as a means to refine their identities to then go out and change the world- to choose be the change they wish to see. This is an inspiring story to unite all of those who see it with a knowing that as a global community we have the potential and privilege to co-create, educate, and celebrate a better world. The paradigms are shifting, and Skull Babylon is here to bring you the story first hand. ___ This film was made as a labour of love and released online for free. Consider donating to help support future consciousness shifting projects at www.ParadigmShiftCentral.com and EmergenceEarth.com ___ Feel free to add me on facebook at http ____ Get more of the ongoing story related to the shift in consciousness – Listen to Paradigm Shift

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  1. iSeed1221 says:

    Great documentary Skull! Thank you for your work and sharing your journey with the world:) 3DL Seems like something we all need to experience. Love&Light2All~

  2. Abi Foster says:

    that was lovely! 🙂

  3. Nikos Charalambous says:

    Beautiful! It’s inspiring to see us shaking off old habits and dogmas, embracing our new relationship with nature, respecting each other and entering a new level of consciousness. Keep it up you dreamers 🙂


    Thank you to everyone who has seen this - There are still many great things ahead. Help raise funds for my next big Educational Film – ParadigmShiftCentral (dot) com/jtl
    Journey to Lucidity: The Waking Dream


    The most beautiful thing you have ever seen eh? Haha. Happy to be able to share the experience with you. Thank you.

  6. Ashley Munoz says:

    I invite everyone to watch this. Absolutely the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. So many people coming together to share love and like mindedness. Awesome, wish we could have been there.  There is always the future. Hope to be hugged endlessly soon. Love to all. Namaste.

  7. TheGhazalajaved says:

    LOVE U

  8. maryamakiling says:

    This is just my opinion, I’m about to turn 59 and for 40 years I’ve been on my path, and I can’t see myself doing something like this because it’s kinda embarrassing, like going to church…I prefer living in the city amid the ordinary people and doing my thing silently, invisibly. But this is like partying I guess, performance. I don’t need it anymore. 😉 I always felt funny about this form anyway. Just my opinion.

  9. Phoenix Bliss says:

    Greetings ! I have been down the spirit path many a year now. I literally typed in spirit science and BOOOM I find my family ! I am a singer songwriter and I am deeply interested in somehow contributing myself to this wonderful movement . Peace love and hugs!

  10. Deathrose000 says:

    excellent video guys^ ^

  11. SKULLBABYLON says:

    Hey everyone, just to let you know I have set up a new GoFundMe page. So if you digged this film feel free to check the link in the video info and show your support to help me in my ongoing daily efforts to make more projects and shift consciousness. Namaste. GoFundMe com / SkullBabylon

  12. Machew4Life says:


  13. Roxie Ventega says:

    I spy another friend of Anonymous! 😉
    Namaste to all <3

  14. Hana Williams says:

    Way awesome! good work skull!! <3 <3 <3

  15. Yolanda1ification says:

    I Loved the video and can’t wait to get to join and participate soon..

  16. supermfvillain says:

    Thank you, really enjoyed it. Namaste

  17. SKULLBABYLON says:

    Woop woop! Thanks Ross! Go Team!

  18. Rosco Wisdom says:

    Constantly sharing this! Hoping lots of people watch it and it gets through to them…

  19. xP3AC3MAK3Rx says:

    Oh, Charles Gilchrist was there as well. I love his art!
    Will definitely continue to watch this doc later on, Skull.
    Looks very interesting.

    Greets, Ancient_Secret

  20. julianforestphoenix says:

    This is a really”light” meant several ways…story. Its enjoyable to watch and also important…I’m included about 14 minutes in where I open with a brief talk and introduce charles l gilchrist! Enjoy and share this!

  21. noonesflower says:

    Rich kids trying to get laid even more than usual. Empty.

  22. topeteperez says:

    The end impressed me you are an amazing person Namaste!

  23. topeteperez says:

    Thank you bro. Peace and love for you and your family God bless for doing this work. We going tochange the world a little by little. There is no impossible in this plane. Saludos.

  24. SKULLBABYLON says:

    No problem. Just doing my job.

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