From Costa Rica With Love …

http://DaeganSmith.com – I just got in to Costa Rica after killer mastermind in Vegas. Check out the scene. BTW – My favorite free journaling software, which…

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  1. Renaud Gagne says:

    Started Penzu. Thank you

  2. Daegan Smith says:

    Just an old school flip video.

  3. mlmworlwidereviews says:

    You’ve talked me into journaling Daegan!

  4. Daegan Smith says:

    Yeah I checked a bunch of them and Penzu was definitely my favorite.

  5. Andrea Naomi says:

    Great video Daegan! The message “it’s possible” is honest and received with
    immense gratitude! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. catepillars says:

    Oh yes, Marlon Sander’s endorsement is a hoot! Could he be more

  7. Dorothy Monahan says:

    D, just getting started with all and weirdly enough, I was also joining
    David and David..Thanks so much for yee patience and wonderful emals. Enjoy
    Costa Rica and all it’s Splendor!! My ,motto, it would seem is the same or
    similar to yours. ‘ happy are those who dream dreams and are willing to pay
    the price to make them come true. Wishing you GREAT Heath, Happiness, Hope
    and continued good Fortune, Dots

  8. Daegan Smith says:

    Awesome. That’s the first step to really moving fast.

  9. Daegan Smith says:

    Then I’ve done a good deed today!

  10. Steven Hogg says:

    Thank you for the resource. Great info again.

  11. Anton Chizhikov says:

    Clarity is KEY, Daegan! “if you want it, it’s possible!”

  12. Raena Lynn says:

    Thanks for the inspiration Daegan! This is great timing. Life is Good! Gosh
    Costa Rica is gorgeous!

  13. Joel Pashkin says:

    Hey Daegan, Great video have never been wiling to journal before but I
    think I will give it a shot. Thanks Yoda

  14. catepillars says:

    I’m going to do the exercise again today and will let you know if I
    discover something else worth sharing. The first session (40 minutes) went
    by faster than I thought and I felt I needed to do more/go longer. Thanks
    for the suggestion.

  15. Daegan Smith says:

    Thank you so much Dorothy.

  16. Daegan Smith says:

    You are very welcome.

  17. Sunita Pandit says:

    Thanks Deagan as I finally started a journal in a place I can reach easily!

  18. Joseph Toussaint says:

    Thank you Deagan for your words of inspiration. I went to penzu and opened
    account i started writing in my journal. Clarity that is something I lack
    in pursuing my goals and this exercise of having a journal that I regular
    write in will help tremendously with finding that clarity that I need to
    succeed. Thanks again.

  19. Daegan Smith says:

    I’m excited for you because when you make journaling a daily habit your
    life changes.

  20. Arnold Castillo says:

    Empower Network is changing lives and saving lives!

  21. Richard Arblaster says:

    Hey Daegan great video. I don’t do jealousy or envy, so I tend not to hate
    on people that are successful. Successful people need to be applauded more
    and not be a magnet for hate.

  22. Wendy Nicholls says:

    Daegan you’re always adding value to the marketplace. Spending time with
    yourself for 30-40 minutes a day is so important. Clarity of thought and a
    realistic plan is a simple suggestion but one most don’t do. I took action
    and signed up at Penzu, and I’m so grateful for the suggestion. The cool
    thing is you can set it up with reminders, daily, every other day, weekly
    whatever suits you. Thanks again, this message came right on time.

  23. NubianQueen04 says:

    Glad I found you again!

  24. Rich Mallinson says:

    Great stuff Daegan ~ you train but also inspire! Have a blast in Costa Rica
    with the Daves and everyone else and thanks for the journaling tip. Penzu
    is awesome!

  25. catepillars says:

    Hi Daegan. I’m sure you probably know this but the late great Jim Rohn was
    a huge fan of journals. I elected to go the offline route though I
    appreciate learning about penzu. Maybe I’ll do that later, but for now I’d
    rather go old school and use a notebook. The big aha is that I need to use
    the internet as a vital part of my plan. I want the speed it offers. I
    don’t want to wait 2 – 5 years. Also want the challenge of learning online
    skills as one on the tail end of the boomer generation.

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