Friday Giveaway – Week 6 | Galactic Phantasy Prelude GIVEAWAY!

Official Website: dvinikproductions.com Facebook www.facebook.com Shirts: dvinik.spreadshirt.com Live Shows: www.ustream.tv Save on App Store Apps: m.freemyapps.com To enter the giveaway: 1. Subscribe to me if not yet subscribed 2. Comment anything below 3. Like this video 4. Share it on a social network (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus) 5. There must be at least 4 entrees. 6. Must have a US iTunes account! Giveaway ends next Friday, but a new starts! :)))) Link to the App: itunes.apple.com

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  1. AmericanFails says:


  2. maddendvinik says:

    Great question. I just checked and it will only work for U.S. iTunes accounts.

  3. NyanChameleon says:

    i did everything and one question can i use canadian itunes? anyways yeah

  4. maddendvinik says:

    Congrats again!

  5. maddendvinik says:

    yep, SOOO CLOSE!!!

  6. MrTechguy247 says:

    soooooooo closee

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