Free Weekly Ableton Live Rack #12: Vocal Rack & Dub Delay the AfroDJMac Way

Follow along as AfroDJMac shares the vocal effect rack he uses for live performances. Various effects and techniques from Beat Repeats to Reverbs, Distortions, Delays, etc. are discussed in a practical and immediately usable way. Also, there is a Dub Delay Rack for use on Send Channels to further add dimensions to your music. Enjoy! Download the Live set here: bit.ly Save the presets to your library. —— Every week I put out a free Ableton Rack, so subscribe and Social Network me. -AfroDJMac www.afrodjmac.com http www.twitter.com
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    I agree. Its an amazing tutorial!


    Maby For a Minimal Pitch Delay Type Effect itΒ΄s not too bad to switch the Ping Pong Delay to “Time” Mode?


    OMG. This Is Superb!

  4. LofiFreq says:

    @nailosity yea i hear that πŸ˜‰ when 8 came out i had to stop cracking the software and breakdown and pay for a full copy. WORTH IT!

  5. nailosity says:

    @LofiFreq I don’t doubt it. I haven’t had an Ableton Manual since I bought the program back at Version 3. πŸ™‚

  6. LofiFreq says:

    @nailosity ” Why the hell doesn’t somebody TELL me about these things…??” they tell you about it in the big black book that came with live.

  7. nailosity says:

    @AfroDjMac @AfroDjMac I’m not worried. You’re doing great work, I’m learning bunches. Check out some of my glitchy ableton trax on soundcloud, souncloud[dot]com[slash]nailmusic. Fun Fun Fun. Will be checking in with you again. Thanks!

  8. AfroDjMac says:

    @nailosity No problem! Repitch is sweet. Someone out there made a rack that allows you to emulate vinyl scratches with it. It’s pretty awesome, but I can’t seem to find it online…

  9. nailosity says:

    Thanks much! Gonna build my own, for instruments. And thanks for teaching me about REPITCH in the delay plugins. Why the hell doesn’t somebody TELL me about these things…??

  10. dropdead024 says:

    lmao at first i thought Wtf is his apc40 upside down??

  11. codyrainwater says:

    @AfroDjMac You are quite talented with Ableton and most generous with your racks that never disappoint. I hope your weekly racks never end, and I hope you go far. Just a big fan saying thank you for your time and your racks. Are you self taught with Ableton?

  12. AfroDjMac says:

    @fedcba12228fABC Good advice, I’ve done exactly that and it’s an improvement. Thanks πŸ™‚

  13. fedcba12228fABC says:

    Tip: Try to put the attack all the way down on the sidechain..sounds faster. all of the shown things are excellent as usual!

  14. djdav1t says:

    So nice video! So nice rack! Thank you so much!

  15. EnragedOtter says:

    hugely appreciate your racks!

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