Free Social Network a Resource for the Unemployed and Financially Troubled

Free Social Network a Resource for the Unemployed and Financially Troubled

It is well documented that unemployment and times of financial distress precede an increase of abuse and suicides.  According to University of Buffalo sociologist, Sampson Blair, the potential is 2-3 times higher than for those who are not going through the stress of being jobless.  A sense of isolation and helplessness leave people feeling as though they have nowhere and no one to turn to.  Thankfully, that is changing.  There is now a free social network that is designed specifically for the unemployed and financially troubled.

IAmVeryBroke.com is a new, interactive website developed specifically as a place for people to find relief from economic stress.  Using online social networking, IAmVeryBroke is a source of free financial help, as well as a platform for communication with others going through similar situations.

In an effort to anticipate all of the best ways for people to benefit from the site, IAmVeryBroke is offering several features to its users:

Chat Private messaging Story sharing Blog posting Feelicons 5 star advisor rating Vent line

The IAmVeryBroke vent line is one of the most important features, giving those who need to release their frustrations a safe place to do so.  Registered users can call and leave a voice message which will be displayed on the website.

Stress relief is the purpose of the vent line, which lets people get things off their chest instead of letting anger and frustration eat away at them.  Those who are struggling financially are under immense strain that can build into a destructive anger or depression.  Often times, this escalating pressure can result in broken friendships, spousal abuse, and alienation from family or worse.

To let people know who the site’s best advisors are, there is a 5 Star rating process to use as a guide.  When users receive help or advice from someone, they can give that person a one to five star rating vote.  The top 15% of the compiled ratings is constantly updated and displayed on the site.  Registered IAmVeryBroke users are able to tell at a glance which advisors are the most helpful or knowledgeable.

The biggest point that is impressed upon IAmVeryBroke users is that they are not alone.   Readily available, open and inviting methods of communication encourage friendships and sharing to help people get through the tough times as easily as possible.

If anyone you know can be helped by IAmVeryBroke’s free social network resource for the unemployed and financially troubled, please reach out to them.  Pass along this information and the site link, so they can find the relief they need and be able to say, “IAmVeryBroke no longer!”

For More Information:-  http://www.iamverybroke.com

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