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www.joeguty.com As a category, social networking sites are probably the most widely used sites on the internet after search engines. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are mentioned as the power houses of the internet, along with Google. So if you’re trying to market a business online, you can’t overlook their potential as a small business marketing tool. Almost everyone that is online now has a Facebook profile or a Twitter account, and each of these people can be considered a potential customer. By trying to find ways to promote your products on those sites, you are going to be reaching many more customers than you would if you just stuck to other methods of online marketing, like SEO. This isn’t a recommendation that those methods be abandoned, but rather a suggestion that you can create an even more successful business by augmenting your existing internet marketing campaign so that it includes these more social advertising opportunities. There are two ways to boost your sales through social networking sites. The first is to use the sites as a marketing tool and create profiles for your business on these sites. This is a great way to interact with your customers, grow trust in your brand, and to start and open an engaging dialogue about your services and niche with the public. If you choose to do this on Facebook, you will set up a business page, rather than a normal profile. There is no such distinction on Twitter. Then on Facebook, rather than having people become
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