Free Financial Help through Online Social Networking

Free Financial Help through Online Social Networking

It’s no secret that we’re going through a global recession.  Companies and private citizens alike are suffering dire financial distress.  Far worse than the unemployment and foreclosures is the increase of abuse and suicide.  People need a lifeline NOW.  They also need a place to vent and seek solace.  Luckily, a new site has launched that offers that free financial help through online social networking.

IAmVeryBroke.com was developed in response to the urgent state of current monetary affairs.  The recession has been responsible for countless job loses and financial hardships that have thrown many families into dire straits, sometimes with the worse possible consequences.  The IAmVeryBroke website has set out to change that.

The company’s goal and mission is to be a place of refuge for those burdened by economic crisis.  The Home page has a statement that seems to sum up the philosophy and intention of the site pretty clearly.  It defines itself as, “A social network where you can express your financial challenges while bringing comfort to yourself and others”.

IAmVeryBroke.com’s vision for the site takes in all facets of financial stress:

Depression and despair Volatile emotions Sense of isolation Feelings of helplessness


Through the use of free online social networking, people can connect with others going through the same or similar experience via email, chat, story sharing, blogs and voice messaging.  They are also able to ask other users questions or get advice from those who have ‘been there, done that’.  Future plans may include trained financial, addiction and psychological advisors.

The IAmVeryBroke.com website has a five star rating function for each profile.  If someone is being helpful or offering information, other registered users can assign a rate of how valuable the help is.  They can choose from one to five stars with five being the highest rating.  A list of the top 15% by user ratings is constantly updated and shown as the best ‘go to’ people to ask for advice.

Perhaps most importantly, the IAmVeryBroke’s free social network offers people a means to vent.  The site has a feature they call the IAmVeryBroke.com vent line.  Anyone wanting to get something off their chest can call and leave a voicemail message, which is displayed on the website and on YouTube.  The feature is meant to reduce the stress, anxiety and anger that can result in harmful situations.

The IAmVeryBroke site is a valuable resource for anyone who can use some free financial help through online social networking.  The site is gaining popularity and will help relieve the stress of many in these financially difficult times. If you or anyone you know needs this kind of support, please take advantage of the IAmVeryBroke.com services and sign up today.

For More Information:-  http://www.iamverybroke.com

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