Free email extractor today-Stop buying leads

Rodney Burton and Randy Fox team up to show you how to build ur list and ur downline in 10 minutes or less. One of there many powerful tools on the net. Join their group on facebook to learn how to use free tools to build ur group or better yet just them in there downline in whatever they are doing. If you would like to have this tool for free go to rodney-burton.com and download it. Rodney can be reached at 202.670.6650

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  1. Junior Penn says:

    Rodney… send me the link to the email extractor…jpsbmw61@gmail.com

  2. wes taylor says:

    this is dope! thanks man!

  3. John Clinton says:

    Selling Unlimited SMTP to send spam emails…$17
    Can send unlimited bulk emails. A million in one day. 2000 a shot.


  4. Floreda novel says:

    Get 500$ Value E mail Lists Free…………

  5. Krazy8desig says:

    I can extract email from anywebsite. I already have millions emails from arround the world, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Asia. SMTP server and full email marketing services, checkout my channel for my email.

  6. piperyendor says:

    Hi Rodney, Ijust purchased your $10.00 program. Haven’t learned to use it yet. I would like to download your programk email extractor. Is that the name of the program? How can I download it? My e-mail is giftbox_giftbox@yahoo.com

  7. Bob Porto says:

    I followed the links and gave my email, then there is no link for the program. It’s not as stated, or am I missing something here. Is this a bait and switch?

  8. Ronald Proctor says:

    Hey man, what do you do to make sure the e-mails don’t go right to their spam folder

  9. Samuel Mabs says:

    Hey Rodney. Whats your Blog URL Link?

  10. primebux says:



  11. TBKSuccess says:

    You can get the Craigslist Harvester Professional edition on this website craigslistleads.webs.com/

  12. Cedric J.C. Earnest says:

    my email is cedric.earnest93@gmail.com….please send it to me

  13. TheUltrablazer says:

    ewemego@gmail.com.. send it to me

  14. dutchmen7777 says:

    never mind,ive used it and it works.
    But as a newby to internet marketing and all i found out that getting emails is really the easy part.
    Sending them out legally,when not opt-in,and sending them in huge amounts without getting in trouble with my isp,is the hard part.I found a way to extract 500 000 emails a day by certain keywords.But i can create all the lists i want,but have no way of using it.But thanks for the support anyway.

  15. Rodney Burton says:

    Hey guys if you would like the free tool, just go to my blog which should be in the description and download it for free. Thanks for the connect, I can be better reached here and my # is 202.670.6650

  16. Rodney Burton says:

    Thanks for the connect, I can be better reached here and my # is 202.670.6650

  17. Rodney Burton says:

    Thanks for the connect, I can be better reached here and my # is 202.670.6650

  18. Rodney Burton says:

    Its just a company that deals in telcom. Thanks for the connect, I can be better reached here and my # is 202.670.6650

  19. dutchmen7777 says:

    why did you type ‘acn’ ?whats acn?

  20. Angela Maynard says:

    This is awesome Rodney, please send me the extractor information. You know my e-mail. Thanks! 🙂

  21. Barry Biggelsworth says:

    rodeny, i think i know you, did you tell me about your business idea? i was the team leader then we lost the othwe two members, so far only one now, im still looking for partners, nice gig you got here

  22. Chrysantus Eke says:

    please Rodney Burton can you send me the soft ware to my email. is great

  23. Th3mazze says:

    plz email me this to benfeeds@gmail.com , thank you, this will helps a lot

  24. Lisa Knowledgesource says:

    Hi sounds nice, will you pls send me this to macroadvantage@foxmail.com, thank a mil!

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