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http://www.growsocials.com/ This is a website I highly recommend. It more then quadrupled my view count in a single day of use and it is getting me MUCH more…
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  1. LuckyC1723 says:

    10 i believe

  2. Twizted Gaming says:

    how many credits are you giving people to sub?

  3. LuckyC1723 says:

    im stuck at 99 subs and its not adding up anymore is there a reason

  4. Twizted Gaming says:

    you need more credits and make sure on the page settings its active

  5. LuckyC1723 says:

    i have enough its just that the first day i was gettin subs like crazy then
    it slowed down drastically

  6. Twizted Gaming says:

    just make sure that the check box under active is checked and make sure you
    have it set to 10 credits

  7. Kevin McRae says:

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