Free 3D Facebook Game, Battleship Blast, Peview

Battleship Blast! is a free 3D naval arcade game that is available to play through either facebook.com or wooglie.com.It’s not the typical, cookie cut, boring text based games that you are used to on social networking sites. Battleship Blast allows you to play against other real players online in completely 3D environments. You can fight on the surface with battleships or destroyers, go subsurface with u-boats, or even fly in the sky with naval planes. You have nothing to lose, the games is completely free and very fun. Set up matches with your friends to get started! Links: apps.facebook.com www.wooglie.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. SuperReichsadler says:

    gives the bismarck or the tirpitz ?

  2. ToturialesGlam says:


  3. redom611 says:

    wow cool game

  4. tonythex1 says:

    You got him 10000 times..he got you 5 times and killed you?AW!

  5. Flinta2008 says:

    ha good game

  6. TheFan630 says:


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