8 Replies to “Free 15k Formula Training Overview Day 1”

  1. LOL! “BAM!” Great job! I took notes. For a 17 minute video, I took
    about an hour and a half of notes and did the exercise. You’re awesome,

  2. Thanks so much, really appreciate these trainings until I can get the
    program!…one question, I’m trying to place ads but having trouble with
    what to write…thanks again

  3. No problem Marcie! To tell you the truth this module is actually the most
    Important One! Make sure you get a very CLEAR vision about what you want!
    As for the ads and what to write… Hmmmmm. The only advice I can give you
    is create curiosity, break attention and add value. Basically be unique and
    add value!

  4. Doing a lot better than I was in the video LOL! I did that video outside in
    my garage in December 🙂 I’m glad you liked it!

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