Foxconn recruit 3,000 engineers salary difficult to attract candidates – Foxconn recruitment, Hon Ha

Foxconn recruit 3,000 engineers salary difficult to attract candidates – Foxconn recruitment, Hon Ha

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Foxconn recruitment site Click here to view all news photos In January of this year came from Foxconn lack of work in mainland China news, China Foxconn years recruitment situation? The morning of March 4, FoxconnShenzhenTalents in the market for technical personnel will be special recruitment. ZDNet visits found that after the Spring Festival Li Sui in the return of background, Foxconn recruitment success. There are many candidates respond to the general engineer treatment Foxconn general, less attractive for technical personnel. 3 4 10 am, reporters Foxconn Shenzhen site of special recruitment to participate in the recruitment of candidates will be filled 7th floor of the Session. Less than half an hour before the end of recruitment, Foxconn, a division of the recruitment window had closed. Foxconn mainly iDPBG cause the recruitment group, MRPC Business Unit, Industrial Engineering (IE) the total number of branch, offices and other technical staff. This one involved in the recruitment of iDPBG Business Group (Digital Products Group) is the production of the foundry sector IPOD. In order for candidates to complete the work quickly, Foxconn in the field of candidates to provide a one-stop mode, the first test, retest, interviews and salary talks are scheduled to complete the scene. Zheng Wei (pseudonym) successfully got through the final interview with the Longhua plant managers to meet the address. He introduced to the general engineer Foxconn wage standard, the official induction of tertiary graduates to the ordinary engineer basic salary is 1,200 yuan per month, with some work experience in the general engineer 1800-2000 per month basic salary, plus a number of companies to subsidies, an ordinary engineer one month to get the salary is around 3,000 yuan. In addition, each department every six months based on individual performance or quarterly bonus offer does not equal the New Year can receive year-end awards. This data has not been confirmed by Foxconn, Foxconn in the recruitment will be on-site person in charge of human resources-related science and technology declined interview Netease. “General treatment of Foxconn’s salary,” Chen, who participated in candidate in the field in a circle, does not cast your resume, “the ordinary skilled personnel management strictly than other companies, are not attractive to us big. “he introduced two years ago, he switched from Foxconn out to other companies, remuneration generally felt Foxconn, Foxconn is also working inquire former colleagues found that treatment company to engineer or medium. He said Foxconn Technology salaries to the general about 2,500-3,000 yuan a month. Addition to special recruitment and the daily fabric window recruitment recruitment market, the Foxconn in the recruitment of ordinary workers to internal staff recommended award system??? Staff recommended the villagers have incentives, including reimbursement of travel expenses and bonuses in Shenzhen 200. According to relevant sources, Foxconn employment gap of about 5 million people this year, but this figure has not been confirmed by Foxconn area. End of last month, Foxconn Hon Hai Group, parent company, the company that in China (by Foxconn based) will not face shortage of workers, the company had no difficulty recruiting workers. Hon Hai said that as the labor is limited, the plant recruitment to get people, than to take advantage of manufacturers, particularly the better-known manufacturers and welfare, no recruitment problems, the components affected more small factories.Hon Hai lack of foreign legal persons pros and cons of different work. Late last month, Credit Suisse less impact assessment of Hon Hai, but Citigroup Global cost estimates of manpower, short-term assessment of the impact on Hon Hai biggest fear.

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