Four ways to Generate Traffic FAST

Four ways to Generate Traffic FAST

Article by Ali Noor

Four ways to Generate Traffic FAST

Four ways to generate traffic to your website or your blog

For your internet business the more traffic you accumulate, the better. Generating traffic means sales and then means more money. However the problem is of course, that it’s not always that easy to get visitors to your website. Generating traffic can be time consuming and also pretty expensive – especially if you use pay per click methods. On the other hand, there are several free ways to generate lots of traffic to your site. This can be time consuming, but time well spent. Here are four tips in order to create traffic meaning more sales.

1. Article marketing: Article marketing involves writing short but useful articles on subjects correlated to your product or service and posting them to into article directories around the internet. The secret behind the success of this method is that these article directories allow you to embed links back to your website in the text, or in a separate section called the resource box. This has two benefits – you get traffic from the article websites as their readers click through to find out more and you get Back links which help your website’s search engine rankings. Below there is a list of the top Article directories,









2. Social Bookmarking. There are hundreds of these sites which can all help you gain traffic to your website. It literally takes a few seconds to make a social bookmark but each one counts as a valuable back link for your website. Leaving back links are a MUST so make sure you leave Back links.

3. Sites such as Digg and propeller are great places for getting free traffic to your website. These sites are designed for people to discover and share fresh new content from all around the internet. Popular sites get voted up, and bad ones voted down. If your site gets voted up to the front page then you can get HUGE amounts of traffic to your website in an incredibly short period of time.

4. Socialise. Create accounts at Face book, YouTube, LinkedIn and many other web 2.0 websites that have sprung up in the past few years. These sites enable you to connect with like minded people and build relationships with them. It’s a longer term strategy as you shouldn’t just dive in and start selling. Instead, build your profile and make friends. After a while your followers will start to trust you and then you can start gently pitching to them. Remember, it’s all about branding, so make sure you brand yourself and build strong relationships with others. Another useful tip is going through the Face book groups related to what kind of marketing you are involved in and join them. This also gives you the ability to make more friends and business partners and enables you to generate strong relationships.

This may be time consuming, but well worth the effort. I hope you found this Article informative for more information on great tips and how to create a serious income online do not be hesitant to check out http://www.20kmonthly4life.com For more fantastic useful ways to generate Mass traffic to your website.

Kind regards Ali Noor

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