Ford’s Jim Farley on the Importance of Putting Your Brand in the Hands of Customers

Brian Solis interviews Jim Farley, Ford Motor Company’s group vice president, global marketing, sales and service. He is the company’s most senior marketing leader, reporting directly to Alan Mulally, Ford’s president and chief executive officer. His appointment marks the first time Ford has a single global leader for marketing, sales and service.
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  1. DannyVUSC says:

    Customers today have more power than in years past to positively or negatively affect the image of a brand through social media. Comments can be spread instantly across a wide network and reach many current or potential customers. From my experience, people are more inclined to believe their friends or what strangers are saying about a brand on the internet. At this point it is an uphill battle in order to regain a customer’s trust again.

    I really enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. DannyVUSC says:

    I agree that creating a great customer experience is essential. As someone who currently works at an automobile call center, if customers don’t have a great experience they typically do one of two things: call the corporate office or refer to the internet and read about similar experiences and post about their own. I do think it is important that companies extend their corporate culture to their retailers, and educate them how proper customer handling can improve business.

  3. Andrew33606 says:

    Jim Farley sums it up succinctly, “You either get it or you don’t.”

  4. MonicaNielsenFL says:

    Fabulous Video, thanks for sharing! A video that speaks to your soul.

  5. rjwalkerzz says:

    Brian, Is Jim on twitter?

  6. TarzanSharif says:

    Micro Brand DNA dissemination through dealerships – fascinating – taking the culture to the next level through the various other retailer’s experience. – No layers, organizational flexibility for converting responses into social automotive experiences. Pertaining to the DNA change at the executive level, it should be a responsibly and accountability initiative/exeution for empowering from the bottom up and the top down meeting at the middle to assess change broadly & rapidly.

  7. TarzanSharif says:

    Mr. Solis I have got to connect with you – this absolutely fantastic work THANK YOU!

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