FOR THE GAYS!!!!! – Benefit Concert 11-30-09 in NYC!

A Very Mary Holiday Monday 11-30-09 8pm Dixon Place, 161 Chrystie Street, NYC Get tickets here: broadwayspeaksout.com It is a great event and would LOVE TO SEE YOU THERE!!!! Song credit ” I WILL” Kate Pazakis- debut CD Get it here: katepazakis.com more info about the center: www.aliforneycenter.org
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. escapemyfears says:

    i’m not gay, but i support greatly. <3
    cole escola and jeffrey self?!
    i wish i had gone!

  2. fabeasley says:

    I’m not but gays are cool……….some time’s

  3. Patand728 says:

    /agree like hell!

  4. gja911 says:

    ffs dnt like gays?ddont be one but seriously shut the fuck up everyone should be able to love who ever the fuck they want

  5. him050 says:

    For all the hater comments: Grow up.

  6. jwojakowski1 says:


  7. lamourstories says:

    Because the GOP hasn’t done ANYTHING to send us into a recession.

  8. anton2oo5 says:

    Gays and black people have nothing to do with the economy stfu and stop posting retarded comments.

  9. ZKoftherebellion says:

    Shit takes way to long load.
    -5 stars

  10. Peter C. Equality Frank says:

    Thanks for the tix, Michael — hope to meet you there (finally)!!!

    You are totally awesome & you rawk but you already know this!

  11. bmc102392 says:

    are you gay? am i helping you now? thought so…
    love you buckkk

  12. xZacharias says:

    aw buck your such a kind person! great cause

  13. crvrslpntddsstrs says:

    I think this is a wonderful cause, Michael, and I would actually want to go, but I can’t because my parents won’t pay for tickets to New Yor City again (we just went over Christmas holday last year). I’m looking forward to the updates on the event, though. 🙂

  14. FatWagar says:

    Michael, this is so amazing. What a wonderful honor for you. I wish I could be there…however, I will be looking forward to your update!! Oh, and I will be following this Twitter-test. gon win me some tiks!

  15. saraile says:

    if u got the chance to go to sweden and go to pride parade would u do it ? 🙂 im so proud of being swedish bcuz its all ok 2 b gay!

  16. Tatsuyoujo says:

    I’ll see if i can donate some other way. Have fun at the concert!

  17. twilightofinsanity says:

    Hey Buck!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your show. I’m a huge fan and I love how much you are willing to share about your life. But one thing that you never seem to talk about is your partner. Does he not want to be on camera? What does he do? How long have you been together? How did you meet? Its just something I wonder about. Again HUGE HUGE FAN. Love your show. Love you. Keep up the amazing work.

  18. MGCtheatrecompany says:

    order tix today & subscribe youtube xo

  19. anniee tsui says:

    sean bradford is yum!

  20. Couver87 says:

    I hate living so far from NYC. Love ya buck!

  21. allforass69 says:

    Ok… I understand the need for the idea behind the concert–Money for homeless LGBT people due to adversarial family relations, assuming that their homelessness is due to adversarial familial relations due to their sexuality/ opportunity or ability issues due to sexual orientation. Here’s what I don’t understand. Gays, especially those in NYC, are some of the most privileged and affluent members of society. Why the need for a charity concert to help those whose hardship you identify most with?

  22. justagirl2313 says:

    yes, it benefits poor & homeless LGBT people, but anyone can attend the show!

  23. tristopiaTV says:

    Hehe on your “Nice people” part of your channel “WHATTHEBUCKSHOW” is number one! 😉

  24. cruzmykals89 says:

    I’m gay, and you help me by making me laugh!

  25. Laura MacD says:

    Sounds like a great night-love that your involved-
    I would totally go but i live no where near america!
    love what the buck!

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