Five Easy Steps For Creating Your Social Networking Strategy

Before you run out and start sending messages on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or on your blog – you should have a Social Networking strategy for your business. The vast majority of business owners are so confused about the technologies that they forget the different social networking technologies are just tools. The smart entrepreneur will have an overall blueprint or strategy for what hey want to get out of these tools before they spend a lot of time and money on them. The most effective social networking and internet marketing strategies will be integrated with your existing marketing campaigns – Don’t put social networking on an island by itself! Your customer needs to have a thought through and consistent relationship with you. This includes both online and offline channels! In fact, some of the best campaigns I have ever seen use both traditional techniques and social networking together! On this video, you will learn a simple 5 step process for developing your social networking and marketing strategy. Follow the 5 steps to create your successful marketing campaigns!
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  1. MrParodymakers99 says:


  2. TommyMaverickMusic says:

    The worst thing ever is when the audio doesn’t comes out of both sides. Like, all they had to do was move ONE LITTLE SLIDER to prevent this. Now, I’m going to hang myself.

  3. tennisman991 says:

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  4. gotlefthandlead says:

    Just call this “business plan building basics.”

  5. Tyhler Novac says:

    wal-mart and fb are 2 that should never be metioned in a video like this. they are horribe sites fb is and has never been anygood modeled after myspace the original S N i am never deleting myspace google+ is THE WAY tO gO

  6. thesacredarts says:

    Did he say ‘I’m Greg Prittstick’??

  7. Jarek Pytel says:

    My right ear feels alone.

  8. Face Dominator says:

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  9. nurfahmi maliki says:

    cool …

  10. ohmrey says:

    Excellent lecture!

  11. jcagana2010 says:

    WHat A!

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