Fitness Blender Hourglass Figure Workout – Exercises to get Curves

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  1. FitnessBlender says:

    You don’t want to do anything “every day”, you want to mix up your routines as often as possible. You also don’t want to work on only your abs - to get flat abs you need a combo of cardio, healthy eating, and strength training/toning that focuses on your entire body, in order to lower your overall body fat percentage. Boobs are fat and sometimes shrink a bit when you lose weight; it is what it is!

  2. cheeserules1111 says:

    but i also wanna keep my boobs

  3. cheeserules1111 says:

    what video is good to flaten abs like my stomache is hard itth a little layer of fat and is curvy but i want them flattened and waist smaller 🙁 i woould do it every day with 2 months :p

  4. FitnessBlender says:

    Hey whatever it takes to get the job done, I like your approach 🙂

  5. kapsukka says:

    Thanks for an awesome workout! Today I did this and one of your interval workouts. . . Fortunately I had some metal music on the background during round 3, I couldn’t have done it otherwise. . . 😀 Sometimes I need to get a bit angry to push myself.

  6. FitnessBlender says:

    If you have stomach fat, you need to reduce overall body fat via cardio, strength training & healthy eating.

  7. nicole4paul1 says:

    I am 5ft 4 and I have a hourglass shape but I dont have a slim waist how can I lose the fat around my stomach???

  8. FitnessBlender says:

    If you have extra body fat to lose, this in combo with cardio and healthy eating can help whittle your middle. Glad you like our videos, thank you for watching.

  9. kettycat1993 says:

    so if someone have an apple shape could he get curvy by doing this workout ? or should he do some cardio ? btw you’re videos are amaziiiing i love how they’re so simple yet effective !

  10. bloodylion0001 says:

    please tell me how can i maintain my body like big boobs and flat tummy ? i wonder but i couldn’t find 🙁 pleasee tell me

  11. FitnessBlender says:

    A combo of cardio, strength training. Try our Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners first, & let me know what you think of that.

  12. yaznasir says:

    I can’t do side planks, mermaid, side hip raise, etc. Do you have any suggestions for someone who’s overweight with a pear shape. Thanks

  13. FitnessBlender says:

    Everyone’s body reacts differently to exercise, but this workout will help to tone your midsection, and if you are carrying extra weight it will help to pull in the stomach and sides, especially in combo with regular cardio & healthy eating.

  14. pillowcase97 says:

    Have you done these exercises for a while- I just want to make sure that these exercises won’t give me muscle and a square look but rather slim curves- I already have an hour glass figure.

  15. mami03Jai says:

    Has there been physical result that this work out can give a female curves? I’m very attempted to do it but I just wanna know if the result is guaranteed.

  16. FitnessBlender says:

    You could do it up to 3-5 times a week, but for getting rid of love handles, you need to burn off excess body fat. That takes a combo of cardio, strength training & healthy eating.

  17. TheBlackradiance says:

    how many times a week should i do this and will this help get rid of love handles??

  18. FitnessBlender says:

    Yes, we have many jump rope workouts and another one on the way. If you go to our website, look under the “Full length workout videos” tab & search keyword “jump rope” & you will be able to see the videos that use one.

  19. 102Mbfan says:

    Is there a workout that you can do with a jump rope?

  20. FitnessBlender says:

    Try doing it with a single leg instead of both legs. Even if you can’t actually get your legs off the ground, still put forth the effort to try because you will still be engaging the proper muscles (even if your legs aren’t moving). If you can’t lift both a single leg & your upper body, try lifting just your leg (and incorporating your upper body later when you are stronger). Keep at it, you will get there!

  21. cilcy says:

    Is there a modification for the pilates oblique crunch with leg raise? I can’t raise my legs. : (

  22. FitnessBlender says:

    We have a ton of difference abdominal workouts, take your pick!

  23. FitnessBlender says:

    I would recommend mixing up your workouts more often than that. For example, instead of doing this 5x a week, try our Curvy Body Workout, an upper body workout, a lower body workout, etc. You do not want to bore your muscles or you will get slower results. But, your plan is otherwise very good. You can see a pretty big difference in 1 month, but make sure you are starting a lifelong habit and not a diet because diets don’t work! Good luck to you.

  24. Missmahashah says:

    what do you mean by strength training for stomach? which of your workouts is that?!

  25. Missmahashah says:

    hey! so if I do this wiorkout 5 times a week, plus 3 times running for 40 mins & eating healthy, do you think I’ll have good results? I have an event to go to in a month and have a huge belly to work with 🙁

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