Find the Job of your Dreams with the Help of Professional Social Networking

Find the Job of your Dreams with the Help of Professional Social Networking

Article by Alecia Bethel

We’ve all heard the horror stories. The economy has changed. It now takes a lot longer to find a full-time job. We could dismiss this as a troubling rumor, were it not for the United States Department of Labor. Unfortunately, they have the numbers, and the numbers are not good. Though the economy has improved in recent months, the number of long-term unemployed (those who have been unable to find work for 27 weeks or more) has barely budged. There are over 5.4 million of them, and they account for 42.6 percent of the unemployed.

What does this tell us? It tells us that some folks have found it incredibly difficult to find work in the wake of the Great Recession. And it isn’t that they aren’t trying. Most unemployed Americans would like nothing more than to find a good job and earn their own keep. They send out resumes, follow leads, and make phone calls every day. Why haven’t they found something, anything?

It’s different in every case, of course. But one reason why some job seekers are unsuccessful is because they haven’t taken advantage of technology. Just as it has changed the way businesses sell and promote their products and services, the internet has changed the way companies recruit new talent. Instead of looking through stacks of paper resumes, most recruiters and potential employers now review them online.

What’s the best way to stand out?

A resume is only as impressive as the person who presents it. You can have all of the qualifications and experience in the world, but if an interviewer is not personally impressed by you, odds are you won’t get the job. One easy way to liven up your CV or resume is to record a video and attach it to your profile on a professional social networking site that caters to recruiters and employers.

Does it really work?

We often talk about separating business from the personal, but the truth is we rarely do. Even the most straight-laced, Gradgrindian boss wants to work with people he likes or gets along with. Communicating your skills, experience, and even your goals directly to prospective employers will let them know who you are and if you are right for the position.

Careerbravo.com is a professional social network site that brings recruiters, employers, and job seekers together. Recruiters and employers are invited to post jobs for free. If they find a candidate they like, they can invite her to share professional information and/or a video resume. It is also possible to conduct phone screen interviews session directly on the site. This process is much faster and more affordable than traditional interviews, since there is no traveling or meetings involved.

A professional social networking site like careerbravo.com also helps to diffuse some the nervousness and tension that is associated with formal job interviews. This allows both parties to let their guards down a bit and find out more about each other than they otherwise might have. Recruitment firms are also invited to advertise their services with the company and interview qualified candidates for free!

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For more information about professional social network, and career networking site please visit https://careerbravo.com.

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