Find out if you have MAGNETIC ATTRACTION in your relationship(astrology)_

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23 Replies to “Find out if you have MAGNETIC ATTRACTION in your relationship(astrology)_”

  1. @Bean1227
    it does: you check all the variations! Of course Moon to Moon is 100% strong while for example Moon to Ascendant or Sun is a bit weaker: maybe 50%

  2. Now does this count with sun to moon or ascendant to moon, or is it just supposed to be sun to sun, moon to moon, and ascendant to ascendant?

  3. @BluntedWax Be cautious, Aries. This past year and since Spring 2010 has not been so great for me. I also met someone who was the most wonderful person ever. Me and her felt as though me and her have known each other for billions of years. Even called each other brother and sister. I am a fellow Sagittarius warrior. Be aware. Be cautious.

  4. @BodySpammer
    absolutely true-even if you have Moon in taurus you can still magnetically attracted to ppl though your Ascendant and Sun positions

  5. Hey so only one sign, Moon in Cancer is attracted to the Moon in Taurus? Strange… I thought Taurus will be the pimp on the list since it’s sign is ruled by Venus. I say this because I saw that other signs have two capability signs.

  6. @lastrology Didn’t know that about M. in Taurus’s. I find that my AC, Cancer and M. Taurus do attract people and relationships into my life, but you could be right. I feel attracted to the beauty, smell, appearance, and feminine energy of a girl or the personality of the person. So I feel attracted if the girl looks good to my 5 senses or if someone is funny/interesting. I do believe that by the Sun and AC. one can feel some magnetic attraction even though the Moon is on Taurus, but it’s rare.

  7. @lastrology
    Thank you for reply. You are correct about Healthy , and I never felt attacked to any girl until 2 months ago. Now I see only one thing in my life is her. I told her but she asked me to move on because she is too busy with her life. I still think that it will workout because this is the first time that this happened to me when I can’t get someone out of my head. Her moon and sun are both Leo.

  8. @zabbbra
    if your Moon is in Taurus you will not feel magnetically attracted to others because Taurus Moon ppl tend to be healthy and self sufficient and not overly infatuated. They still fall in love for they do not loose their peace over another

  9. @BluntedWax
    it is not to do with being both Aries–other more complex astrological indications should show this strong connection–the nodes(rahu and Ketu-watch my Karmic relationships astrology video) are some of those factors.

  10. We have this connection with each other or is it just a aries thing of spontaneous. Being how we arians tend to be that way. However, I’ve dated another aries before and it was a disaster. This woman and I see each other every day and can’t seem to get enough of each other.. lol Idk

  11. I am an aries April 1 and this woman for some reason I have a deep deep deep (I’d almost say) unconditional love for her. Madly in love and attracted to her and she is an aries as well April 9. I feel she has the same towards me. Granted there is a 16 yr difference between us (to some it matters but me not not even remotely close). I have never had a attraction towards someone like this in my entire life. Hard to describe… Ne way we r the same sign is my point. Is there a reason why

  12. @AizenSamaKingX I’m a leo sun sign. I find this to be true as well. Aries & Sags are my favourites. I can tolerate fickle flighty Geminis only in small doses too 😀

  13. @Choices84
    definitely: they will be more willing to help and support each other–will have some special affinity

  14. Lada, two people can be magnetic attracted to each other without being in love or sexual attracted? I mean, that magnetic attraction works just for friendship? (For example, Virgo and Geminis).

  15. I think you are so beautiful Lada, and I don’t just mean physically. You are truly beautiful. A light of love shines out from within you. Give freely and you will be so well taken care of. Love, Holly…

  16. @lastrology

    Hmm. I see. I had to come back and watch this. My moon is in Leo. This must be why I find Aries more attractive than Gemini, in every way. An Aries woman can be in my presence, silent, or look angry at me, and it will make me excited. I do not like Gemini, but Aries is my favorite as an ally, or comrade. I admire and revere (respect) Aries for who she is.

  17. My moon is in taurus, just my luck! I have a stellum (Mercury, Venus and Mars) In Leo in the 5th house, Sun sign Virgo and and Asc in Aries.. What should i focus on? I’m a guy by the way :).

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