Finalist for Russell Brunson’s Million Dollar Challenge – Contest Synopsis

Synopsis of how participating in this challenge has benefited me. Check my blog for contest updates: dynamicplateautraining.com Maybe you’ll be the one winning a free gym membership for a year! Song lyrics: I learned to not sit and wait on ideas that are great and to offer the info Im holding to actually put it to use to make no excuse fire first to get things rolling I learned a method that has been tested added some tweaks to get close to perfection. But theres many things taught that I would have forgot it was laid out for me, youd think I had bought these lessons brighten up my future no stressing people you can be sure to build a business that can succeed get ready, lets start by reversing ask the people what they need you need a demand thats the first thing Construct a business, Not just a product Or theyll be gone after they bought it Kunaki, ebay and your squeeze page Dont hop into sales yet, keep it delayed a list is a must, as Ive have come to trust youll bring in more sales this way. Autoresponder, Id never have pondered to put this step into play Hit up some Forums, head to craigslist Advertise for free you just cant miss Need some free time? Build up a team Pay for some ads and outsource some things Or better yet, take the next step Start a JV with some partners Got a big list and some will insist That this step will make you seem smarter Work hard, be creative and above all have some fun Russells method and your products thats a winning combination *MUSIC
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  1. Bendo13 says:

    Yeah I love Kunaki! Great company…

  2. dvdtrainingvideo says:

    If you sell a CD or DVD, Kunaki is great for packaging and duplication.

    Here’s a tip to get more from Kunaki…

    I always have Kunaki ship directly to me. That way I can include bonus CD / DVD content in with every order I sent to a customer. I always send a couple bonus items that are related in some way to the original item purchased. I have lots of upsells on CD and DVD which makes this super easy. It’s also extremely powerful and effective. People love getting more than they ordered!

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