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  1. Bro Odd says:

    In fifa 15 I had bale running into the penalty area and just after he
    kicked it he blew the wistle and the ball went in but it didn’t count and I
    lost that game and it fucked up my 3 division

  2. That Guy With That Hat says:

    When you have 0 chemistry your assistance goes away, I already experimented
    with this. So I know a couple of people who like having 0 chemistry, they
    have Jordi Alba as their striker…

  3. Roland Diugevicz says:
  4. simi98winter says:

    Best players are in Serie A! ;)

  5. [FaZe]XXX_wE3dbL4zeiThar4sc0Per420696921_XXX says:

    i got inform godin in a free pack

  6. riccardo verstraaten says:

    Fake there was one orange bar,and that means that ther must be five or
    higher chem.
    Conclusion= he photoschopt it!
    By the way i am dutch so if there are wrongs in my word say it then

  7. ALoadOfAppleZ says:

    There was an orange line nobhead 1 chemistry

  8. TombMiner PvP says:


  9. Mursmentti says:

    Make team where strikers are defenders, defenders attackers and midfield
    have defenders too.

  10. Bas Vette says:

    Try to win a game with a team of goalkeepers/defenders/midfielders or

  11. Joonatan Taponen says:

    First opportunity of the game! And surprise IT WAS CROSS!! YOU FKING TWAT

  12. Ronldo Max says:

    he is gay

  13. Sometimes Enigma says:

    if u put suarez in goal he has stats of a below Mediocre Bronze Goalie

  14. Jose David Acevedo says:

    2 goal, best celebration ever.

  15. Håvard Mikalsen says:

    Rossi, you sneeze like a kitten xD

  16. CheifBadass2 says:

    you look like the bad guy from amazing spiderman 2

  17. iMovieMinecrafterz says:

    rossi if u think EA are rubbish u try make a footy game

  18. TheBananaMCBuilder - FIFA, Gaming & Music says:

    on fifa 15 I wanted to get all the objectives and one was login to Facebook
    and since Facebook consumes peoples lives and is evil I didn’t have one. I
    created one just for fifa and I tried to login and my team got deleted and
    the app stopped working

  19. Land, sea and air says:

    U had a Bristol rovers kit

  20. Lewis Thomas says:

    No passing challenge

  21. Jake Haggarty says:

    When I made this team it had 3 chemistry 

  22. Rick says:

    So if i were to buy Shevchenko, it would play like crap with like 3 chem?

  23. Chris Campbell says:

    subscribe to my youtube channel i am aiming for 100 subs peace!

  24. Matteo Pace says:

    Diego Forlán play in Internacional, a brazilian team.

  25. gabriel matamoros says:

    your team is so bad

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