23 Replies to “Feeding a Deer / Buck apples in our front yard-Hollister”

  1. It was actually wise of them to take a bite out of it before offering it to the deer. The reason its wise is because they’re showing that the apple is edible and healthy on the inside. (As opposed to rotten or infested with certain gnarly bugs) Not only that but they’re allowing the Deer to smell the inside of the fruit as opposed to just seeing it. What you want is for them to be interested in the food not the creature putting its hands near its face.

  2. Nonsense, humans have hundreds of times the brain capacity of deer. And opposable thumbs. I’d have gone in for a quick pet too, that deer is cute.

  3. Whoa whoa whoa, bro. I never said they don’t live in cities. What kind of a weirdo do you think I am? I said that the deer who DO live in the wild may or may not take food from you, not that they ALL live in the wild. xD

  4. deer absolutely live in urban environments. you’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise. not all will take food out of your hand however. but many deer live their entire lives in cities.

  5. You should be concerned when the “hackles” go up (hair on the back). The animal is excited and you will also see this in dogs. While IMMENSELY fulfilling to feed a wild animal you are not doing it any good. I hear all that traffic near your yard. He will come back again and possibly take off in a traffic direction.

  6. a Gorilla is not even “20 TIMES” stronger than a human.

    And fear is poison, but hey, I never tell anyone else how to live.

    I do agree that animals shouldn’t be unnecessarily provoked .

  7. Deer are unpredictable I am a hunter and Deer will fight to the death and they are about 20 times stronger than you. Also fear is a natural trait that benifits humans i personaly am not afraid but if that animal were to charge you would be severely Gored.

  8. If that girl was on her cycle the deer might have attacked her. I read somewhere that a male deer will attack a girl if she is on her cycle idk if it’s true or not though..

  9. Actually, animals in native habitats that very rarely see humans can be found to willingly accept food from people. Of course, it depends on the animal, but just because there are cars around doesn’t mean the deer was taught to eat out of people’s hands. In my neighborhood, a lot of people hate the deer. Most people don’t feed them. I’m a little surprised this guy took the food too, but that doesn’t mean it has adapted to live in an urban environment like raccoons have, for example.

  10. In South Dakota we feed the deer as well only we feed them corn, not apples, witch they LOVE! Sometimes, the mother even brings her fawns!

  11. I admit… this is super cool but only a deer (animal) in a metropolitan area (hence cars driving by in the background) can evolve to accept human interaction as an acceptable compromise to its natural ecology. As cool as this is, it portarys that humans have not only invaded the personal niche of cervids, but continue to impede on their natural evolution. Don’t be mad at this deer when it beats the sh** out of you! Ive got a similar video search “vital shot” on FB and it wont dissapoint you!

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