Fast biker wave while passing filmed with Kodak V570

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  1. shockofgod says:

    @Angloartist great bike man!

  2. shockofgod says:

    @EnuffsedTV101 he he good eye. Yes I always put hidden messages in my videos

  3. Ben Golan says:

    Just a sec..in the U.S u are not allowed to ride on bikes in the freeway or

  4. shockofgod says:

    @GrimSkey Well you asked me my opinion and I was honest with you.

  5. Hugh West says:

    I bought a Honda Dual Sport in 2009 but I Love sewing traffic as well out
    in the wild on trails.

  6. shockofgod says:

    @hotrodkimbla TRUE..atheism is crap

  7. Jean Vazquez says:

    @shockofgod and i respect your opnion lol i just think its not as bad as
    they claim it to be. thanks for replying and thanks for your awesome vids.
    im deff. gonna tune in to the radioshow !! see yah !

  8. Master59682 says:

    MY GOD THERE MUST BE HOT!! Here in Finland we have -10c

  9. WTU208 says:

    Interesting radio show shock.

  10. xDLXSFx says:

    That was a beautiful open road…

  11. Jean Vazquez says:

    @shockofgod I see what you mean bro but look at it this way. the garden of
    eden had every plants.furit etc. etc. Known to man and some not seeing by
    the human race.. Marijuana mustve being in the bunch. Now weed is less
    harmful then alcohol and cigs. weed is a plant not a drug. Why would god
    have something in his garden thats harmful? it does come with dangers, the
    dangers of long term use. the same applies for food. i.e fast food. eating
    McDonalds for 30 days straight and goodbye 🙂

  12. rightistheright says:

    I love how you are driving int the High Occupancy lane

  13. Jean Vazquez says:

    Love your vids. Thinking about buying a ninja 600 (zx6r) But i’m starting
    to see how nice the R1’s and R6’s are Any tips? btw im a Christian. Do you
    think smoking weed goes against the bible?

  14. EnuffsedTV101 says:

    Tags say no santa clause were harmed in this video LOL!!!!

  15. gabrielran14 says:

    Im calling you silent rider! You’re sneaky

  16. shockofgod says:

    @Master59682 yes we are about 65f and that is considered on the colder side
    of California

  17. shockofgod says:

    @GrimSkey I don’t see any reason to smoke weed. From a medical perspective
    also it comes with dangers. If you were my brother and you are my brother
    from another mother but the same father lol I would want the best for you.
    Smoking weed and riding = scraping brains up from the highway Hey pop in
    our chat sometimes at Shockawenow . n e t We are in there now

  18. shockofgod says:

    @bengo76 if you rode on a bike you’d get ran down lol

  19. tracerplus2 says:

    Did’cha want to buddy me or whateva? Or did u mean to buddy my dad. Me and
    my dad go on youtube…

  20. shockofgod says:


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