[Fancam] : SMTOWN NYC – SHINee – Replay 111023

SMTOWN NYC Madison Square Garden, NY Oct. 23, 2011 Just got home from SMTown.. I have a 9:30 am class today so I’m only gonna be posting one video for now. (I need to get some sleep first 😀 ) I will be uploading the rest of my fancams later tonight or tomorrow. Amazing concert as expected! SMTOWN jjang! Most of my fancams are Minho-focused (Minho-biased right here hehe XD ) I will post the videos as soon as I can. :)) oh and btw, I don’t mind if you guys embed this video on your own social networking sites, but please don’t reupload this fancam onto your youtube channel. Thank you! 😀
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. JiJiSanFan says:

    OMG Givve Taemin a new color pants >=[ No wait. . . give everyone NEW outfits please -_-

  2. adinaj says:

    Wow MINHO! your stare at the end was epic!!

  3. Swordsmanofthedark says:

    @lilangel4501 I really want Taemin. 😀

  4. gabstrong says:

    They’re wearing the same clothes for the third 2011 smtown concert wut

  5. EunhaeSJ says:

    Hoping for official video!!! ><

  6. chrisxtine says:

    thank you!!!!!

  7. babybatatas says:


  8. lilangel4501 says:

    i really want taemins skinny jeans 😀

  9. MrJimychu says:


  10. TheSHINingShawol says:

    thank for the fancam! Love you SHINee!

  11. Michelle9Jaejoong4 says:

    love the close up of Minho at the end LOL

  12. Msazzyz says:

    Wonderful fan cam. Tks for uploading.

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