Fan Page Engine Closing The Cart Soon

onlinewealthpartner.com Fan Page Engine the premier third party application used to build the landing tabs on business fan pages. They are shutting their cart down but will serve the existing customers. David Foster said they will be focusing on new application developments some related to mobile apps. Grab your package today before the cart closes for good by clicking on the link in this description.

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  1. Joanie McMahon says:

    Gee, I just opened it with a new browser and it went to the $197. page. Rats ………

    And when it took me to the products after I bought it, it would not work for me. Every time I clicked on install the app, it just would not work. LOL and now I have closed the browser and cannot get the app installed. This is getting bizarre. Do they have a phone number?

  2. Joanie McMahon says:

    Just bought it for the $66. + and I will open up a dispute thingy with them. It sounds like they are a good company so I am not anticipating any issues with this. 🙂 Thanks for all of your help Michelle.

  3. Michelle Pescosolido says:

    Try a different browser or computer?

  4. Joanie McMahon says:

    How strange to see your order form and me to see mine …….completely different . I took a screen shot too ……. same order form but different amount. That is a good idea to buy it and then get in touch with them.

  5. Joanie McMahon says:

    Yes that is what I am doing …… same steps ……… I have a message in to them but have not heard back and its 2 days now. Are they usually quite prompt? Or do they have a phone number ……. I am away tomorrow and its the 10th …….. yikes.

  6. Michelle Pescosolido says:

    Wow I can’t figure out why. My page doesn’t say that. First open the link, click on the box on the left that says pricing, then in middle of page click on the buy now 197 fee. That’s the steps I took to get to that page.

  7. Joanie McMahon says:

    I am in face book jail for 5 more days so cannot reply to your face book message. I just deleted my cookies and its still the same ……..When I click on the $197 button, it takes me to a clickbank order form and says the charge today is $66.69 or something like that and then that amount each month …. strange. Any ideas? I really do not want to pay that amount each month …….

  8. Michelle Pescosolido says:

    I believe you :D. Can you try to clear your cookies?

  9. Joanie McMahon says:

    When I click on the $197. it sends me to a clickbank order form that now says $69.69 and then that amount monthly ……. I can send you a screen shot of that if you like ….. where can I send it ?

  10. Michelle Pescosolido says:

    I clicked on it and it takes me to the order page of 197.00. Where does it change for you to 77.00 a month?

  11. Joanie McMahon says:

    Hey Michelle, I emailed these folks with no response ….. do you have access to them via email?
    I was hoping to purchase this before closing on the 10th and tomorrow I am away out of town.
    If you can let them know I am interested in the $197. product, that would be a huge help.

  12. Michelle Pescosolido says:

    Hey Joanie why don’t you email their support. I don’t think they changed it but check with them. Let me know. Michelle

  13. Joanie McMahon says:

    Michelle, I went to purchase the fan page engine for $197. and in the order form it came up as $77. and then billed the same amount monthly ….. do you know what this is about ? Is there a monthly fee for this ?

  14. Joanie McMahon says:

    Great video and info Michelle. Thanks for letting us know about this !

  15. OlgaTsypina says:

    Thanks Michelle for sharing! amazing info!! question: can we use other than English languages? and can we use other autoresponders in other languages, if not Aweber?

  16. Paul Butler says:

    Looks very cool Michelle! I will have to check this out!!

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