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  1. ninazazety says:

    @TehSecretAgent Is it because you’re a secret agent?

  2. Dodge5278 says:

    weird, my comment had over 249 likes, but the top one has 149. where’s mine bro?

  3. cStuartHardwick says:

    It does a lot of good, but it does make it harder to tailor your image to the audience, In real life, you may be a moderate and have friends all over the spectrum on some hot button issue, and you avoid insulting them by tailoring your remarks to whoever is present. The creator of Facebook might think that disingenuous, but if he does, he’s a pinhead. Tact is a moral good, and arbitrarily equating it with deceit is just immature.

  4. inconsistanttruth says:

    @Mindstormscreator pfft, conformist!, i actually follow what he is saying instead of not following what he is saying, making me not follow him by following him.. duh..

  5. jacksonmusicoverlord says:

    You remind me of Alan Shore from Boston Legal.

  6. Mr360iModz says:

    I like Facebook because I can stalk hot chicks without the creepy binoculars lol

  7. FaithfulWarrior89 says:

    Speaking of Zombies, check out this video. These are my friends All Hail The Crimson King. This song is called Holy S**t Zombies. It’s so rad that it’s great.


  8. soulsanctuarymusic1 says:

    DEAR YOUTUBERS, If you like the current video you are watching to should click on the ads around the video, they help support the people making the videos to make better videos! Spread the word!

  9. tehPizzachu says:

    XD what you say is true but to be honest facebook seems to be dieing off- they update it so much and people are starting to migrate to tumbler and other places

  10. AwesomeSauceChiz says:

    You’re voice is amazingful. Just saying.

    Oh and nice argument. 🙂

  11. dangaertner7 says:

    4:09 bless you

  12. OrgasmandTea says:

    I’m going to make a social networking site called MeatSpace.

  13. TehSecretAgent says:

    I don’t have a facebook….or any social network profile.

  14. MatthewFrazierr says:

    comparing the telephone and Facebook isnt really a good comparison

  15. thisiskellen says:

    Not gonna lie, I was logged on to Facebook when I started watching this and I logged off by the time this was half over because I felt it was…I dunno, silly and ironic.

  16. duckypwns says:

    Runescape made me a zombie in middleschool.

  17. tsukasa67 says:

    Is Anynomous still gonna hack facebook on November 5th?

  18. Jellyhag02 says:

    @Mindstormscreator Yes, it makes you a zombie if you obey that blindly. It doesn’t make you one if you listen to what he says, think on it critically and make a choice based on your thoughts too.

  19. TripleAEntertainment says:

    hey, we would really appreciate if some of you guys would check out our channel and watch some of our videos. we work really hard on them and would like some of your feedback and please subscribe if you like them! 🙂

  20. shinydino says:

    @Mindstormscreator Either this statement or the next statement is false. Neither this statement nor the previous one are false.

  21. CaitlinEnjoyOnline92 says:

    I think there’s always going to be pro and cons for everything. So, I think social networking is good. 🙂

  22. darkninjaclan11 says:

    @Mindstormscreator No thats what the Zombies want you to think!!!

  23. Zarjuhi says:

    Get the subscribe button on your personal Facebook profile 😀

  24. WolfgangKaipz says:

    there isnt even a need to upload a profile picture or write interests. that is only for those who are seeking approval from others or are trying to make new “friends”. if they will actually become friends is a whole different thing

  25. WolfgangKaipz says:

    i’ve always been sort of against social networks and only started using facebook after someone made me an account.
    after using it, i’ve realized that social networks are dangerous in many ways but none the less it is also a social TOOL. i use it to communicate and organize things with my friends such as outtings and also, to keep in touch with those that get to see less often in order to be able to see then afterwards. about what you were saying about defining ourselves, ->

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