Facebook managing your privacy online

www.KrishnaDe.com Are you using Facebook to build your online visibility and connect to your network? How would you feel if your name was associated with Facebook advertisements effectively having your name associated with it? Within Facebook – or any social networking programme – it is important to review your privacy settings. This video shows you how to review your privacy settings and enable or disable the social advertising feature in Facebook and third party sites. I also created previous videos about your online privacy – 4 important privacy settings on LinkedIn which you can access at www.krishnade.com or watch the video on YouTube at bgn.bz – LinkedIn social advertising privacy settings which you can watch on YouTube at bgn.bz – managing your privacy on Google Plus which you can access at bgn.bz or watch the video on YouTube at bgn.bz If you have questions about boosting your online visibility through digital marketing and social media communications you can ask questions at my Facebook Page www.Facebook.com

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    Can you invite me on google plus? thanks

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