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  1. VaneeesaB says:

    OMG Genius! Yes, yes yes! You get it!

  2. dangerousdarlene says:

    I haven’t revisited their TOS in a while… but regardless, I can go to any of my friends pictures and download them. And we all know that the term “friend”, in the fb context, is used very lightly. And it’s true that they are always making changes to their privacy settings, so I have to go in and update them regularly. I’m so sick of facebook – I really hope that Unthink gives me the opportunity to demolish my facebook account – which is a monumentous task in itself.

  3. sappha58 says:

    @dangerousdarlene No, not exactly. Go to their TERMS page, item #2:

    You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is shared through your privacy and application settings.

  4. dangerousdarlene says:

    @sappha58 Facebooks TOS also claims ownership of your intellectual property. Anything you post on their site belongs to them.

  5. 23molebe says:

    Lol~nice channel! I’m thinking emancipation on or un ;o} Thanks for sharing~look forward to checking out your website. Peace & <3 MJB

  6. ThePrimeSpotcom says:

    Looking Forward!

  7. ice0162 says:

    i’ll try it.i hope it lived up to the hype.

  8. mystrdat says:

    @kisser83 Cool, I meant Unthink though.

  9. kisser83 says:

    I agree. facebook will not take away our homes.

  10. micery says:

    “UNTHINK” sounds interesting, but I’m afraid when it finally opens to the public, I’ll be disappointed. Please no disappointments UNTHINK!

  11. mystrdat says:

    I don’t like being fed bullshit that openly pretends it’s not bullshit.

  12. sappha58 says:

    I want to see UnThink’s TOS (Terms Of Service) before I decide whether or not to join them. I read Google+’s TOS, and I refuse to join that network, because Google chooses to claim ownership of YOUR intellectual property!

  13. MrMiniFilm says:

    The majority of people get bored easily, so this ‘UNTHINK’ will eventually catch on i reckon 🙂

  14. ag1428 says:

    I don’t understand if your conglomerate is just another social network site trying to gain steam by bashing on facebook. What exactly is your goal and how will you achieve it?

  15. Nublado316 says:

    UNTHINK is taking the world by storm!
    This video is so funny and really reflects the way facebook is! so controlling.
    Good for UNTHINK!!

  16. kam5678 says:

    Brilliant! Very funny and makes you think!

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