F1 Factory Tour, Red Bull Formula 1 factory, how to build a race car

Go behind the scenes to see the design, development and construction of our Formula One cars. Red Bull F1s business development manager, Steve Nevey, is your…

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  1. Bradley Fallon says:

    yeah… How could a group of people put so much effort into being
    professional and making something amazing, when there are so many poor
    people in the world.. boo hooo.

    Seriously people… The majority of people in the world don’t do anything
    meaningful, ever. Why would you pick on a group for doing something
    awesome, when you don’t do anything nearly this cool, AND ALSO DON’T HELP
    STARVING PEOPLE. At least this is cooler than us arguing on youtube. I’m
    not saving any starving kids by typing this and neither are any of you. Why
    ridicule people for being awesome. 

  2. Ole André Høiland says:

    +Daniel Garry Let us stop world hunger, fuck science. If the world dont
    developes and we spend everything on box food for the poor the world would
    be fucking awesome. Do you know how much a F1 team, drivers, sponsors and
    so on pays in taxes? Lets make everyone a fucking charityworker, africa
    would get all the help in the world. You are fucking retarded.

  3. budzab says:

    1:48 Tebis AG CAD CAM, the best on the world

  4. Eric jones says:

    They make a big deal out of low tech. Stupid V6 turbocharged engine. Big

    All hype to sell their brand. Public is fooled. Basically it’s low low
    80’s & 70’s tech.

  5. A_Racing_Driver says:

    How many billions did that facility cost? wow that was cool

  6. paris cullum says:


  7. Makis Malisianos says:


  8. 311superfly says:

    In This video Red bull makes the painter look like a fool compared to the
    other departments the way he “masks” off a stone chip for painting.

  9. Stephen Bachman says:

    Now I see why f1 racing is so expensive.

  10. Phillguy says:

    Jeez if only we put this kind of effort into … well anything else…
    world hunger anyone?

  11. Phillguy says:

    Really? You’re against ending world hunger.

  12. Dylan94 says:

    Racing is better in F1 what are you talking about? They are both incredible
    racing machines though.

  13. Daniel Garry says:

    look, people put great efforts into something they love. There are very few
    of us who actually LOVE fighting against world hunger. besides this video
    is a very bad place to bring that subject, you could try that at stupid
    justin beiber gaga britney miley shit music videos, because all they do is
    ruin the world… with GREAT effort.

  14. Daniel Garry says:


  15. Ally Hardie says:

    F1 is the shizzz

  16. casperjd2 says:

    Wow Nascar has nothing on these guys. Although the racing is much better in
    Nascar, F1 is the cream of the crop. Just wow!

  17. ghigghio65 says:


  18. gökhan yalçin says:

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