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  1. ,…..this stretches the block by a few milimeters,…..haha!! How stupid
    can a commentator be !!! Maybe a thenth or so but certainly not milimeters

  2. @flipsidedogchop shit yeah cant wait. pitty there going to be half the
    power then what they had in the 80s. “only” 600-700hp

  3. @Ropponmatsu2 Its only flexible because the bearing cap is not clamped down
    at that point.Once its torqued down its solid,loaded structure or not.I
    dont understand your argument. Either its flexible because its cold or its
    flexible when its warmed up? what exactly are you trying to tell me? go
    back and read what you wrote.Engines dont tension themselves hot. As an
    engine heats the stresses are evened out over all the components it
    shouldnt exert forces or it would crack. I think your confused.

  4. @marek0086 Keith Duckworth – “God” – As he was referred to – Is talking
    about the head bolts at the end, he SAYS how flexible the block is. The
    bolts run all the way down into the block in order to provide strength
    where the gas pressure is highest…The rest of the engine is very lightly
    built. One thing that he doesn’t mention is the TEC has NO head gasket. The
    liners are made of a material called Nikasil, and they end at the little
    black rings seen on top of the cylinders. So….Yes I do.

  5. Why do you compare these turbo’s to the 2013 turbos? The only thing in
    common are the fact they have turbo’s. These made 1000hp at 11000rpm. 2013
    ones will make 750 at most at 16000rpm

  6. no the most powerfull engine was the ra167e from honda 1500hp 🙂 bmw were
    the only one with the i4 engine and for a stright 4 it was the most
    powerfull 🙂

  7. @Ropponmatsu2 You cant ‘make’ a liner from nikasil, its a superficial
    coating which is normaly applied to aluminium. i would more likely believe
    these liners were steel for strength though. it would be pointless putting
    a aluminium liner in an alloy block or they would have just machined the
    bores into the block and Nikasil coated them…but they didnt. im with
    marek0086, a few thou at the most. Beautiful castings though!

  8. yep this engine was first used by lola in 1986 then benetton (now known as
    lotus) swapped suppliers from BMW to cosworth built ford engines in 1987

  9. @aljobaris sorry? i’m not english so …. well, this engine (the turbo
    cosworth) would never do a result. That’s it.

  10. @xsilversportx Well in the 80s, they were only 1500cc 4 cyls and some of
    those made over 1300hp in qualifying. =) future’s looking bright for F1.
    hahaha (yeah right)

  11. guy just drops the piston in there all la di da… definatly not his engine
    and crank, that shits taboo son in the dealer market

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