EYES LIKE DIAMONDS – Left For Dead (Official Music Video)

Official Music Video for Eyes Like Diamonds’ single “Left For Dead” from their album FREQUENCIES on iTunes now! Get it here: bit.ly Keep in touch with Eyes Like Diamonds on their social network pages: FB – on.fb.me Twitter – bit.ly Purevolume (FREE downalods!) – bit.ly YouTube – bit.ly Merch: bit.ly Eyes Like Diamonds – Left For Dead Single – www.youtube.com Eyes Like Diamonds – 3..2..1 Single – www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Madson Barbosa says:

    so homosexuality is bad? thats cute

  2. residentebad12 says:

    So, the guitarrist is the screamer?

  3. lifeishardboy121 says:

    dont hate on vegas talent 🙂

  4. lifeishardboy121 says:

    i love the fact there from my home town 🙂 VEGAS

  5. anibal anibal says:

    and gay

  6. anibal anibal says:

    wtf!!!  just clicked for an error

  7. DucksMakeRainbows says:

    I’m so glad I clicked on this.

  8. ryuzaki0922 says:

    He kinda reminds me of Miggy Chavez (Chicosci) o.o

  9. Sylas Helferich says:

    love this, when he sings it reminds me of craig mabbit mixed with blessthefalls new singer a little, not the voice just the way he says stuff, its pretty killer no doubt

  10. ourlasthero51 says:

    Wow. I remember when these guys were a local band here in Vegas. Glad to see them come so far.

  11. ActuallyDecember says:

    if you like this go check out my band ActuallyDecember out of abilene, Texas! and go give us a like on facebook. check out our new song “Unless” off of our new CD

  12. RottiMyBotti says:

    The lead singer looks fucking sick.

  13. Torquemenda93 says:

    IMO sounds a bit like Ice Nine Kills, which isn’t a bad thing at all.
    Gotta like em 🙂

  14. HaleFilms says:

    2:56 Screamer: “THE STARS ARE JEALOUS, OF MY RADIANCE!!!!!!!”
    Lmao, whatever you say xDDDDD

  15. IowaDubstep says:

    Lol this song has been on my iTunes forever and I get a message on my gmail like a week ago lol

  16. YouCreatedMeToBe says:

    Holy hell you guys are amazing!!!!

  17. HardcoreGodz says:

    is the singer 14 years old? his voice omg

  18. Bethany Gorry says:

    glad use sent me this! love it, cheers guys! 🙂

  19. shrimpTACO94 says:

    Another try hard band that is trying to “fit in” with the scene.

  20. Anklebreakerize says:

    lol true

  21. Anklebreakerize says:

    Clean vocalis sounds like the clean vocalist in We Are Defiance

  22. uteroot says:

    i’m wondering why i didn’t know you. a quite awesome band! now all i know is continue following you guys! glad you send this 🙂

  23. Nathaliaaa666 says:

    she is and luv her face but way 2 skinny her legs for example no curves just sayin

  24. trojanfan76 says:

    This is a great song.

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