Extremely Dumb Chick

After she refused to let me break up with her, we made up & days later this happened… *sigh* Check out Exotic Jess!!! youtube.com Cyr was in this video too!!! 😀 youtube.com My dew? AhhhH! I know right!? My hair is like one massive comb over!!!! RRRRGGG!!! I’m thinking of getting my hair layered or… maybe cutting my bangs slightly shorter than the rest of my hair so it actually looks like I care about what I look like… what do you think? I just want to be able to get out of the shower, have it dry & look good… any recommendations? Let me know: onision.net Also feel free to check out these links 😀 It’s like muh worrld 😀 Social Network Me Facebook: facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com MySpace: myspace.com All My Channels Onision – youtube.com OnisionSpeaks – youtube.com OnisionEncore – youtube.com OnisionArchive – youtube.com More Cool Stuff Onision Blog – onision.com Onision Forums – http Onision Shirts – onision.net Onision Music – onision.net

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  1. dogtorque says:

    @koreanfreak134 well my voice used to sound to high in a recording but now since im 14 my voice sounds to low but thats puberty for ya loland i haven’t been using my PC desktop for 6 months now i been using my friend bobby’s Toshiba laptop ill be doing some acting when i stop getting nervous in front of the cam

  2. koreanfreak134 says:

    @dogtorque mi bad i kno but also ive done singing n mi computer didnt make me sound right so i messed up but dnt worry dnt get nervouse forget what others say they are just haters if u made videos i kno i would watch them n like them

  3. dogtorque says:

    @koreanfreak134 and its exoticjess

  4. dogtorque says:

    i like turtles

  5. dogtorque says:

    you from usa or uk
    (thinking)[man its cold here in calais maine i mite still be used to the calefornia weather. i onder when my parents are geting me that 1000 gb pc.](stoped thinking)

  6. dogtorque says:

    @koreanfreak134 oh lol yah im trying to do some acting to but i get nervuse in front of the camera becuase im afraid people will make fun of me if i mess up

  7. koreanfreak134 says:

    @dogtorque no she has a channel called hot jess she is just a really good acter

  8. tamargoham says:

    shes sooooooooo hot

  9. MegaBlahblahbitch says:

    …. I’M A BANANA!

  10. AramDaSpade says:

    this is kind of how porn videos start, but instead of the guy choking, its really the girl =/

  11. missyyaneth says:

    I almost died when she brought in the blanket!

  12. 0XxRockstaRxX0 says:

    what happened to shiloh? :/

  13. thedaredevillives says:

    @ronalddean619 cuz it wants to be! jk i have no idea

  14. dogtorque says:

    is she actualy retarded
    [no afence]
    im not a good speeler
    i subed

  15. MsJamiROCKS16 says:

    Fail, shioh and him are engaged. Just sayin’

  16. TheSh4mP says:

    man is this ur real girlfriend? she is beautiful 😀

  17. bddblade says:


  18. joshmoshize says:

    if this is his his real gf shes better than shlio

  19. lizizlovely says:

    I watched this video when it first came out and this was the first video I saw Cyr in XD And look at me now…. I’m a huge Cyr fan 😀 If some of you guys haven’t watched him, even after all the videos of Onision he’s been in, I cyriously recommend you checking him out and subscribing <3

  20. ronalddean619 says:

    why is the kitchen upstairs????

  21. Lilspofficial says:


  22. SpringieTV says:

    i like this series~

  23. TheSplync says:

    @VictorNightengale I agree…

  24. VictorNightengale says:

    I domt know whos more retarded;you or your super hot asian girlfriend. Yoir comedy is not funny

  25. vBuLLeTz1 says:

    O.K who’s more retarded Onision girlfriend or Brian’s x girlfriend from family guy lol

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